When Does the Price Change on Used Car Websites?

When Does the Price Changes in Used Car Website

There was a time when people had to go from shop to shop to select a used car they wanted to buy. It would become a full-day excursion where they would have to check cars locally and also travel to other areas for the perfect car. But that’s not the case anymore. We can buy used cars with the help of various websites. They display cars of a huge variety and offer them cheap as well. But these days, the price shown on the sites often change in the gap of mere weeks. Why is that?

Cars that are displayed on used car selling websites often mirror the general price range of used cars on the market. The price shown on the websites is calculated thoroughly so that they portray the fair price of each car. So, with the change in the economy and the state of the market, the prices written on the sites also change. The change reflects the ongoing issues in the automobile industry and supply demand.

Websites That Sell Used Cars

There are a lot of reputed websites that sell used cars. Many of the well-known franchise dealerships currently have their own websites to reach further towards the customers and to also make the buying process easy and hassle-free.

Why Do New Car Prices Increase?

Like all consumer goods in the market, the price of cars also changes depending on the state of the market. The price is directly related to the demand and supply curve. This is more true for used cars, as a low supply of new cars increases the demand for used cars. In the last years, the COVID-19 pandemic caused havoc in the production system, making supply scarce. A recent survey found that in 2022, the price of new vehicles in the U.S. has increased by $3,462 on average from the previous year.

  1. The worldwide shortage of chips has created damage to the production rate, making the price rise.
  2. The elevated cost of raw materials increases the production cost of vehicles. The average cost of necessary raw materials cost was recorded to be the highest in history in 2021, and it increased to 116%.
  3. The high price of new vehicles has increased the popularity of used cars, making the price rise with the surging demand.
  4. The Russia-Ukraine crisis also has a hand in the recent surge in the cost of daily necessities items.

Websites edit the prices based on the real life

When Can Used Car Prices Drop?

As said above, car prices are supposed to increase when the supply cannot meet the demand. A used car is often sold at a break-even price by the dealer if there is no eager customer to buy that car, and the lost profit is recovered by the same dealer with a more popular, high-demand model.

  1. The price of cars is estimated to drop in the near future. As the factories shake off the effects of the pandemic, there is a high chance of saturation of new vehicles in the market.
  2. With the increase in new car supply, the price will not be as high, making people more eager to buy new cars and making the demand for used cars flexible.
  3. With the introduction of electric cars, the old fuel-driven cars will lose popularity, making their price drop drastically in the recent future.
  4. Even though the chip shortage may continue, the cost of raw materials has lessened all over the world, giving the manufacturers chance to reduce the sticker price of the vehicles in 2023.
  5. The price of used cars at wholesale auctions will reduce in 2023. It was recorded that dealerships had to pay much less in September of 2022 than they had to pay in January of 2022.
  6. With the increase of new models in the new car inventory, used car dealers will have to sell off cars at a much lower price to renew their inventory circulations.
  7. Researchers speculate that prices are expected to drop in 2023, which can be about 3% to 5% for new vehicles, and about 10% to 20% for used cars.

Price Changes on Used Car Websites

As the price written on the websites reflect the real-world situation, the average price often changes according to different issues and events. Though mostly related to demand drop, car prices do drop for other reasons as well. In the case of used cars, the price is very relative as there is no fixed way of measuring the worth of the vehicle. The price stated on the used car websites are always up for negotiation, but still, the numbers are often revised to boost business.

Demand and Supply

As the market is revived after the effects of the pandemic, the used car market will have huge changes. As new models get sold at a lower price, dealers will have to go through their inventory as fast as possible. This will help in renewing the inventory and keeping up with the upcoming trends.

According to Different Seasons

There are often some seasons in the year that show lesser demand for cars. From November to January, and in the seasons of other major occasions, people do not buy cars that much. So during these months, there are a lot of discounts at the used car selling websites. This is the best time to score a good used car at a cheap price.

Electric cars are very popular

Special Features

As most used cars are tweaked in through repairs, some vehicles often come with extra features such as good quality engines, interior design, full leather upholstery, and many more luxurious features. These features tend to drive up the price on the website even though the normal model might not resell at as much price.

Electric Vehicles

With the rising demand for electric vehicles, websites have caught on t the hype and have increased the price. Just like this, whenever a new trend is introduced, dealers work diligently to make profits from their existing inventory. For this reason, electric car sales have increased and are predicted to be on the rise steadily.

Deals and Discounts

Often websites try to sell off their older cars as soon as possible. Then they advertise enticing deals and offers to attract customers. The holiday seasons, such as Christmas and New Year, are the best time when many dealers offer these discounts.

Socio-Economic Issues

Even the online market suffers from real-life issues. Wars, disasters, and diseases can directly affect the price of all commodity items; cars are no exception. As the Russia-Ukraine war has hampered transportation across borders, the supply of cars, materials, parts, etc., has been affected. These things also create a lot of changes in the prices on the used car selling websites.

The Future of Used Car Buying and Selling

For the last two to three years, the automobile industry has taken a huge hit. Because of the pandemic, as well as the issues with the increased materials cost, production is at the lowest possible level. But according to the experts, it is likely to change. In 2023, the inventory is supposed to be filled. But still, the future holds plenty of ups and downs.

  • In 2023, the demand for cars might not increase like the previous years but 80% of U.S. citizens will supposedly have to pay an increased rate of interest that can be approximately $20 more per month for a $40,000 loan of 6 years.
  • The market will be unstable in the upcoming years, so it is better to put more effort into bargaining. Also, to be safe, buying from a familiar, trustworthy dealer is a must.
  • With the relaxed demand and high supply, new vehicle prices are expected to drop by 5% to 10% for both new and used vehicles.

Prices should reflect the current market


Whatever the average new car price is in the upcoming years, it will take a long time to fight off the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Used car shoppers will also have to hold their breath for a little while as the new year might bring some stability to the older used cars. Used car prices will probably drop in the meantime as well. Even though the prices that are displayed on the websites change sometimes, this change should reflect real-world situations even more.

Due to irresponsibility and lack of personnel, the websites often remain without any proper updates. This can be very harmful to the involved customers as the prices should always be changed with the actual price shift in the market. As the websites are very important these days, this is the least they can do to ensure proper service to their customers.

Also, with the current economic and social situation, we can only pray for a better outcome so that the market can stabilize. Because, with the rise in vehicle prices, transport costs have increased as well, which affects a lot of working-class people.

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