Cash for RVs, Motorcycles, Boats & More
Written by : Ray Pierce
Last Updated: 12/17/2023

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Cash for RVs, Motorcycles, Boats & More

If you’ve got an RV, motorcycle, boat, or other vehicle collecting dust, why not turn it into cold, hard cash? Here at Zippy Cash for Cars, we’re not just about cars. We’re expanding our horizons, and we want you to join us. With our simple, fast, and efficient process, you’ll be sailing into a sea of green in no time.

We buy RVs, Motorcycles, Boats and More!

Expanding Horizons – Not Just Cars!

Think beyond cars! Zippy Cash for Cars is widening its purchasing range, now buying RVs, motorcycles, boats, off-road vehicles, and even yellow commercial machinery. It’s a golden opportunity to turn a wide variety of vehicles into cash!

Zippy Cash for Cars’ expansion into buying different types of vehicles.

You’ll love the freedom that Zippy Cash for Cars’ expansion into buying various types of vehicles provides. No longer are you limited to selling just cars. This broadened horizon means more opportunities for you to cash in on your used vehicles.

Consider these benefits:

  1. Diversity: Sell your RVs, motorcycles, boats, and more. They’re expanding their offerings to meet your needs.
  2. Convenience: No need to search for specialized buyers. Zippy Cash for Cars is your one-stop shop.
  3. Quick Cash: They’re known for their fast transactions. Expect your payment in no time.
  4. Competitive Offers: They’ll give you the best value for your vehicle.

Zippy Cash for Cars isn’t just about cars anymore. They’re about providing you the best deal for all your vehicles.

Now Purchasing: RVs, Motorcycles, Boats, Offroad Vehicles, and Yellow Commercial Machinery.

While you’re likely familiar with selling cars, it’s time to recognize that Zippy Cash for Cars doesn’t just stop there; they’re also eager to purchase your RVs, motorcycles, boats, offroad vehicles, and even yellow commercial machinery. You’re not limited to just selling your car anymore. Have an old motorbike gathering dust? They’re interested. That boat you haven’t used in years? It’s worth something. Your RV that’s been parked indefinitely? Pass it on for cash. Even your unused yellow commercial machinery has value. Zippy Cash for Cars makes it easy and fast to sell a broad range of vehicles, not just cars. So why wait? Broaden your horizons and get cash for your unused vehicles today.

Why Choose Zippy Cash for Your RVs and Motorcycles?

If you’re in the market to sell your RV or motorcycle, there’s no better choice than Zippy Cash. Here’s why.

  1. Fast Payments: Zippy Cash for Cars is renowned for its promptness. You won’t have to wait ages to get your money. They’ll evaluate your vehicle and if it’s a match, you’ll get paid quickly and efficiently.
  2. Fair Pricing: They don’t believe in lowballing. They ensure you get a fair price for your RV or motorcycle. They’ll carefully assess your vehicle’s condition, taking into account various factors to determine its actual worth.
  3. Easy Process: Selling an RV or motorcycle can be complex. But with Zippy, it’s a breeze. They’ve streamlined the process, making it straightforward and hassle-free. No complicated paperwork, no unnecessary delays.
  4. Excellent Customer Service: You’re not just a transaction to us. We value our customers and strive to provide top-notch service. You’ll be treated with respect, and any concerns or queries you have will be addressed promptly and professionally.

Setting Sail with Zippy Cash – Selling Your Boats

Cash for Boats

As soon as you’re ready to part with your beloved boat, remember Zippy Cash is here to make the selling process as smooth as sailing on a calm sea. You don’t have to fret about finding a buyer or haggling over prices. We’ve got that covered, and we’ll offer you a fair price that reflects your boat’s worth.

When you sell your boat to Zippy Cash, you’re not just getting cash quickly. You’re also saving yourself the stress and hassle of selling privately. No need for endless advertising or showing your boat to potential buyers who may or may not be serious. With us, it’s a straightforward process, and you’ll have your cash in no time.

Moreover, we accept all types of boats, whether it’s a speedboat, fishing boat, or yacht. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had it for years or just a few months. So, don’t let that boat sit idle, gathering dust. Get in touch with Zippy Cash today, and we’ll help you set sail for a smooth sale.

Offroad Vehicles and Yellow Commercial Machinery – A New Frontier

You’ve tackled the waters with your boat, but now it’s time for a new adventure, an exploration of the exhilarating realm of offroad vehicles and yellow commercial machinery. This new frontier promises thrill, excitement, and the chance to make some serious cash. ATVs, Quads, Dirt Bikes all included. Have farm equipment? Maybe a tractor or backhoe you’re unsure how to get rid of? We can help you sell it for cash.

So, what should you consider when venturing into this realm? Here are four critical points:

  1. Know your machinery: Understand the specifics of your offroad vehicle or commercial machinery. It’s not just about the horsepower, but also the condition, age, and model.
  2. Market Research: You can’t price your vehicle accurately without knowing what similar ones are selling for. Keep an eye on the market trends.
  3. Presentation counts: A clean, well-maintained machine will fetch a higher price. Invest some time in sprucing up your vehicle before putting it on the market.
  4. Patience pays: Don’t rush into selling. Waiting for the right buyer who sees the value in your machinery could yield better returns.

Venturing into offroad vehicles and yellow commercial machinery can be a rewarding experience, financially and otherwise. So why not give it a shot? You’re ready for this new frontier.

The Selling Process: Simple, Fast, and Efficient

If you’re in the market to sell your junk RV, motorcycle, offroad vehicle, boat or any other speciality equipment, consider Zippy Cash for Cars. We pride ourselves on making the process VERY simple and quick for our customers.

Give us a call today so we can walk you through the easiest process to sell a vehicle today.


So, why wait? With Zippy Cash, selling your RVs, motorcycles, boats, and even commercial machinery is a breeze. We value your time and make the process quick, simple, and hassle-free. You’ll get a fair price, and the cash could be in your hands before you know it. Make the smart choice and sell with Zippy Cash for Cars – because we’re not just about cars anymore.

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Written by : Ray Pierce

Ray Pierce founded Zippy Cash for Cars in 2001 and has been in the automotive industry buying cars ever since. Starting off with 2 employees, Ray is proud to now have over 50 employees buying cars coast to coast.