Tesla Model X, Impressive Acceleration, Super Fast Charging, and Extensive Driving Range!

Tesla Model X ranks among the best luxury electric SUVs with its swift acceleration and extensive driving range. It offers a driving range of up to 360 miles with a single charge. It provides smooth handling around corners and quickly jumps from a stop. Moreover, you get two rows of welcoming seats and plenty of cargo space.

Tesla Model X is a solid choice for those who need a luxury electric SUV with a range of standard safety and tech features. If you have a Tesla Model X, we’ll buy it for cash today and pay top dollar.

Sell your Tesla Model X for Cash in the USA

If you’re willing to sell your Tesla Model X at an attractive price, we’d be more than happy to make an offer. We’ve purchased a number of Tesla Model X over the years because it provides a smooth ride with its powerful engine options and comfortable interior. So, feel free to give us a call or fill out our online form to get the best quote for your Tesla Model X today!

How Much Will You Pay for My Tesla Model X?

There are several factors that affect how much we’ll pay for your Tesla Model X. Some factors include:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Title type
  • Trim level
  • etc

Feel free to fill out our online form or give us a call to get a quote on your Tesla Model X today!
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Tesla Model X Brief History

Tesla Model X History

Tesla Model X was launched as a battery-electric midsize luxury crossover in 2015. Its falcon wing doors made it a leading choice for youngsters. Tesla Model X became the seventh best-selling plug-in car after a year of its launch. Tesla Model X achieved the milestone of 10,000 sales in August 2016.

The company had sold around 106,689 units globally by the end of September 2018.

Awards & Recognition

Tesla Model X has won several awards for its amazing performance.

  • Luxury Utility Vehicle of the Year Award in 2016
  • Golden Steering Wheel Award in 2016
  • Reader’s Choice Green Car of the Year Award in 2016
  • Top Green Vehicle Award by American Automobile Association
  • 100D Best Vehicle of the Year Award by Forbes

Tesla Model X Sales Figures

Here’s a year-by-year overview of Tesla Model X sales conducted within the United States.

Year Tesla Model X Units Sold
2015 97
2016 2,725
2017 21,600
2018 27,250
2019 19,600
2020 26,100
2021 7,305
2022 10,300

What’s the Price of New and Used Tesla Model X in the USA?

A new Tesla Model X may cost around $114,990-$147,900 depending on the trim and package you’re choosing. A used Tesla Model X may cost around $66,600-$134,900 depending on the model year, the vehicle’s overall condition, and other factors.

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