Some Electric Cars Facts You Should Know About

Some interesting electric cars facts

I’m sure you have heard of the “sustainable movement.” It is basically a movement to make our world a better place to live in for the newer generations. The emissions from gasoline cars cause air pollution that is severely harming our environment. For this reason, electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. Even though the electric car is not a new concept, I am sure a lot of you do not know all the basic but interesting electric cars facts.

The electric car market is a well-known topic of interest these days. To the general people, electric vehicles seem to be something new, fancy, and expensive. A lot of people think that an electric car is a FAD that will die down eventually. They think these vehicles are used only by people who like to collect cars and never actually use them. All these conceptions about electric vehicles are mostly wrong. The more you know, the more you will be amazed by the awesomeness and potential of the electric car market.

What is an Electric Car?

An ordinary car powered by a gasoline engine mainly works on burning gas that works as the main fuel. An electric car has an electric engine in place of a gas-powered combustion engine. As there is no use of carbon-based fuel, the emission from electric cars has no harmful particles like carbon dioxide. For this reason, electric cars are getting more and more recognition as the car for the environment.

All electric vehicles have batteries that store the electricity and can be charged whenever needed at home or public charging points. Some facts about electric cars might seem unbelievable, but it is true that an electric car has more pros than cons. The electric motor works on the power that comes from electricity. These can be charged again and again. Electric cars also seem to run for longer mileage than conventional vehicles.

History of Electric Cars

To most customers, the idea of electric cars may seem a bit futuristic, but electric cars have been around for a long time. The first electric vehicle was built by Thomas Parker, an English inventor, in 1884. The idea was very welcomed back then. England wanted to use electricity to regulate their underground tramways. They even introduced electric taxis in the years up to the early 1900s. But as the diesel and petrol technologies improved, people became more interested in gas-powered cars, and electric vehicles lost popularity.

But for the past decade, EVs have become very popular in creating a sustainable environment. Battery manufacturing businesses have boomed, and more and more new electric car models are being introduced by automobile brands. Hybrid cars have replaced gasoline-powered vehicle choices as well.

Tesla is the largest manufacturer of electric cars

Different Types of Electric Vehicles

There has been a lot of research, innovation, and discovery when it comes to electric cars. Scientists and brands like Tesla, Nissan, etc., are always trying to find a way to improve EVs even more. According to what type of engine they contain, there are two main types of all-electric vehicles.

  1. Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV):These cars are powered by rechargeable batteries that can be recharged at EV charging stations or at home facilities. These engines also have zero tailpipe emissions.
  2. Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV):These vehicles work with a fuel cell in place of batteries. They get energy from compressed hydrogen cells and oxygen. They also have zero emissions of harmful elements.

Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Toyota Prius is known to be one of the most popular Hybrid Electric cars. These vehicles cannot be plugged into recharge even though the battery is definitely rechargeable. These cars get recharged by regenerative braking. On the other hand, some battery-electric vehicles can be plugged into charging points to recharge when there is a need to replenish energy. These cars are called Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicles. Most of these PHEVs can also generate electricity from regenerative braking as well.

Some Fun Facts About Electric Cars

Among all the countries, the UK seems to have embraced the use of electric vehicles first. But still, did you know that the largest electric car market is in China? Among the 10 million electric cars currently in use, about 3.4 million cars are in China! Like these, there are a lot of unknown and shocking facts about electric cars.

Electric Car VS Gas Powered car

  • As electric engines do not need time to spark like the normal combustion engine, they can accelerate faster. Internal combustion engine needs more time to energize. That is why electric vehicles perform better than gas-powered vehicles.
  • EVs are famous for the smooth ride that creates no sound. The engine is almost soundless, creating the perfect ambiance inside the car. But since 2019, the EU has made it mandatory for EVs to make some sound as otherwise, it is dangerous for pedestrians.
  • The sale of electric cars has increased by 40% in the past three years as the price is very affordable to consumers. As these cars do not have the extra cost of oil and fuel costs keep increasing, EVs are getting very popular.
  • The maintenance costs for an EV are much lesser than a gas-powered car. It does not need constant oil changes. And combustion engines require oil and work with a collection of constantly moving parts. There is a lot of damage to the engine from the constant friction.
  • The wear rate for EVs is much lower than for gas-powered vehicles as well. This is why electric vehicles last a lot longer than gasoline-powered vehicles.

Charging Stations are Already Everywhere

A lot of people do not trust the battery power as they think it will run out of juice and there wouldn’t be any charging stations available. But even combining all alternative fueling stations, there are more public charging stations in the USA than petrol stations. The charging infrastructure is very accommodating and also placed within the driving range of the car. So there is a lot of potential for even more electric cars.

The EV charging stations are everywhere

Electric Vehicle VS Hybrid Cars

There is a slight difference between an electric vehicle and a hybrid vehicle. Unlike a gas-powered vehicle, an electric car gets energy from electricity only and has an electric motor that gets power from a battery. On the other hand, a hybrid car does both. It has a tank that contains either petrol or diesel, based on the engine. It also has an electric motor that can be used in electric mode while driving. There are more than 345,000 electric cars in use in the UK, and around 675,000 hybrid cars are currently in use.

Electric Vehicles Car Save the World!

All electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions. That means they use clean energy that does not cause any harm to the environment. Because of this, electric cars have become a beacon of hope in the concepts of sustainable development. Low GHG emissions and power use of electric cars can literally save our world in the near future. These can also reduce ozone degeneration.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have become more and more practical as car choices. There are 19 different electric car models available in the electric vehicle market by Tesla, Porsche, Kia, and Nissan. The total greenhouse gas that emits from normal to heavy-duty gas-powered vehicles is too much. More than 20% of GHG emissions occur from vehicles. This is why EVs are gaining even more popularity, as they have no extra upstream emissions.

An electric car’s range is also unexpectedly vast. An EV’s battery can access electric power faster than a gas-powered engine. An EV can travel the same distance as a conventional car even faster and for lesser energy consumption. Other factors, such as electricity costs, can also worry the consumers. But it is proved that the electricity grid is highly benefitted from the popularity of electric cars. Other manufacturers are also trying to bring in even newer innovations in this genre.

Protect the planet by using low emission vehicles like electric and hybrid cars


All electric cars have the potential to carry their weight in benefits in the automobile market today. Because of the sustainable energy of EV batteries, EV sales are predicted to increase even more in the next years. If anyone is worried about the constant degeneration of our atmosphere, they cannot ignore the hope we get from the use of electric cars. Also, these can be a part of the new world of technology, opening doors for even more inventions.

EV drivers always praise these vehicles for their lower maintenance costs. As the price of petrol and oil rises up, one day, these electric cars will be the only viable choice for consumers. The electric vehicle is a topic that we all should know about, even if it is just the basics. To make the general public more used to this concept, educating people about these cars is a must. People need to know all the pros and cons of using EVs. You can learn even more things about topics like this here.

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