Is your car on its last legs or just too old? Is it taking up space in your driveway or garage and you don’t know what to do with it? If you’re selling a junk car, we can help! We are experts in the junk car market and put together what we have learned over the years for anyone thinking about selling a junk car:

1. Why you should sell your junk car.

Costly Repairs

Oftentimes, many people hold on to their junk cars for sentimental value. They spend thousands on repairs when they could instead invest that money in a new car. It’s a difficult decision, selling off a piece of your past, but selling that junk car can be the perfect way to make a little extra cash.

The more you spend on that old junk car, the harder it becomes to let go of it. It becomes an emotional decision rather than a financial one. It’s best to avoid going down the hole of costly repairs only to find yourself further invested into your vehicle. Instead, call a few junk car buyers today to see how much your vehicle is worth. You’d be surprised what that old hunk of metal is worth, especially now given the used car shortage due to the pandemic.

Selling Junk Car Costly Repairs

Lack of Insurance Coverage

If you don’t have the proper coverage through your insurance company, and you get into an accident, your claim may get denied. What this means is that the insurance company will not pay for any repairs or even worse, won’t send you a check if it’s totaled. Now you have a damaged or totaled car sitting on the street. As much as you’d like to work with your insurance company, they can’t do much so you need to find a way to sell your car. If it’s an older car, you may need to contact a salvage yard to see what they’re offering.

Make some extra cash selling your junk car

What else could you do with money made from selling your junk vehicle? Invest in your future. Pay off student loans, credit card debt or bottomless bills. Buy yourself something nice, a new car or take a vacation to create life-lasting memories. Make use of that extra money and get that eye sore out of your life. You’ll be happy you did.

2. How to sell a junk car.

When selling junk vehicles you need to be careful, as there are lots of companies that will try and scam you for your money. If selling your car is something that interests you then continue reading and find out how it’s done the right way. Most junk car buyers try to do the right thing but that is not always the case.

Before selling a junk car, whether it has been involved in an accident or needs repairs, always do your homework with who you’re dealing with. Some companies like to give you a high price over the phone or online but once they arrive at your location, they will curbside re-negotiate. They find ways to further devalue your car, so the $1,000 offer you received online all of a sudden becomes $400. At this point, most customers just want to get rid of their junk car so they end up taking the low ball offer. With Zippy Cash for Cars, we’ll pay you whatever we quote you on your junk car and provide free towing.

You can give us a call or fill out our online instant quote form to receive our offer within minutes. We then help you schedule a pick-up convenient for you. We’ll dispatch a tow truck and once we arrive, we take your vehicle away in exchange for payment. It really is that easy.

3. What are the benefits of selling a junk car?

Cash Payment

Tons of cash. A junk car might not be worth anything on the market, but it can still be sold for some quick cash. Junk cars are often bought by junk yards or scrap metal recycling services to make spare parts for other vehicles. Because they buy their stock in bulk, you’ll receive a huge sum of money for your car.

Selling Junk Car Cash Payment

Ease of use

Selling a junk car is much easier than selling other types of vehicles. You won’t need to worry about selling it to the perfect person, because you’ll be selling your vehicle wholesale.

No more headaches

Once you’re done selling your junk vehicle, there’s no more problems. You can feel happy once we remove your junk car. No need to deal with anymore repairs or bills. We’ll take care of your title and have the car removed from your name officially with the state.

Speedy service

Selling junk vehicles is quick and painless process. You won’t need to spend days selling your car or deal with buyers that aren’t serious about buying. Within a few minutes of getting a quote, we can come pick-up your car within 24 hours and have payment in your hands, includes free towing.

4. What are the disadvantages of selling a junk car?

Low price

The biggest downside of selling your car for cash is you’ll receive a lower value if you tried selling it privately. Sometimes if you spend the time to sell it privately and have strangers come to your home, you can make a bit more cash but what is all of your time worth? Studies have shown selling on your own can take up to 110 hours of work. In addition, you have random people showing up at your house which can feel unsafe.

Curbside Re-negotiating

Selling your junk car while for the most part is headache free, some companies try to take advantage by doing a ‘bait and switch’. They’ll give you a high offer on the phone or online and then change the price when they arrive at your location to pick up your car. While it’s a very poor practice, be careful that it doesn’t happen to you.

5. What are some things that might affect the selling of my junk car?

The factors that may affect selling your junk car is the car’s location, age, and the amount of damage it may contain. In addition, you need to make sure you have a title printed in your name, otherwise, most companies will be unable to purchase it legally.


No matter where you’re located in the US, there is always a buyer looking to put an offer on your car. However, location is an important factor of selling your junk car. If it’s in a rural, or hard-to-reach area, your price might not be as high since a tow truck needs to navigate additional miles or terrain to reach you. The additional fuel is not directly charged to you but factored in when a price is given.


Depending on how old your vehicle is, pricing may vary. Older cars don’t have as many valuable parts as newer cars and so for that simple reason, the price isn’t as high. Just like anything, the newer an item or technology is, the more valuable it is.