Cash For Damaged Cars: How Much Can You Get?

Cash for Damaged Cars

People become stressed sometimes dealing with their wrecked cars. Neither do they know the repair cost it may take nor the dealer from whom they can achieve the best deal. A car accident comes like a curse to you that doesn’t only cost high repairing bills but leave you in need to buy another car immediately. But there is always a way to get cash from damaged cars.

If you think that your car has nothing to do after it faces an accident, you are completely wrong. There are some ways to make money by selling your damaged car. This content will help you in the process and assist you in deciding what to do with your wrecked car.

What is a Wrecked Car?

A car damaged due to an accident and beyond repairs is a wrecked car. If you want to repair your damaged vehicle, you might be surprised at the required amount. The majority of the time, the amount of money that is required for wrecked cars is a significant amount higher than what the car is actually worth. Therefore, the term “totaled car” is given to a vehicle for which the cost of repairs is more than the value of the vehicle.

Wrecked Car

Can You Sell a Damaged Car?

Many of you are not informed that selling a damaged car is an excellent option when repairing it is too costly. The easy option is to dispose of it somewhere without repairing it. It is a great relief to sell a wrecked vehicle for instant cash rather than investing money in repairing it.

Due to a tragic road accident, your car can be damaged, crashed, or broken. Whether you can sell a wrecked vehicle or not depends on the level of damage your car has. However, you can still make a deal in selling wrecked cars at a reasonable rate, depending on the condition of your car. If you get a good deal, it is possible to sell your car for an amount that can be adequate to buy another one.

How Much Does It Require to Repair Damaged Vehicles

Cost of Repair

The repair cost of damaged vehicles depends on several factors based on their conditions. Besides, the damages may require different mechanical services from different shops. When it comes to repairing your damaged car, this introduces a whole new set of considerations and variables. Let’s get into the discussion about different factors that determine the price of fixing crashed cars.

The Car’s Brand Value & Model

Different car models require different mechanic services and labor. In that case, the price of fixing a car varies greatly depending on your car’s model and brand. Too many old crashed cars may not have different parts available in all shops. Therefore, replacement service may not always be successful. Older modeled cars have the parts that the companies no longer manufacture. So, you should not expect lower repair costs for your older car. The one with a newly modeled car can expect a reasonable replacement cost. The luxury damaged vehicles also require high repair costs.

The Level of Damage to a Car

The more devastatingly the car gets damaged, the more repairing cost it requires. A totaled or entirely crashed car needs such a costly repair that it exceeds the actual cost of the car itself. In this case, you must go for selling your car rather than repairing it at a high cost. Silly scrapes, ding, or scratches are fixable for a minimum cost, with no major damages.

Note that repaired vehicles after significant damage are not safe for you to drive again. So, you should better deal with an insurance company that offers a considerable amount of money, almost equivalent to the car’s actual worth. The insurance company only offers a lump sum payout when the car is totaled and requires a higher fixed price than the car’s value.

How to Sell a Wrecked Car

Many car dealers buy wrecked cars and repair them to make them resalable. You can get enough money by selling your wrecked car quickly and quickly to the best car dealership. The dealer will take off the ownership of the car by offering you a quote for the car.

You can search online to find a car dealer near your area and call them to ask for a quote for your broken vehicle. The dealer will tell you the quote without wasting time calling you to visit them in person. They will reach an appraiser to your given location to evaluate your car. If everything seems okay to them to deal with you, they will ask you to fill up the papers and pay cash to you.

Who Purchases a Damaged Car?

The industry of automotive in the modern day has seen massive transformations. What was previously regarded worthless is now seen as a quick way to make money. There are many entities, companies, and individuals to whom you can sell your wrecked cars. To get vivid ideas, you can also do quick online research to get ideas about the companies or organizations which will take off your wrecked vehicle.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies offer a great advantage by providing cash for damaged cars. You will get a cash offer from them based on the vehicle’s worth. Selling a damaged car to an insurance company is convenient since you don’t have to sell it to an individual or repair it at a high price. The one and only drawback are that you may not acquire much more money for the vehicle as compared to the deals that are done at junkyards or by organizations.

Salvage Car Auctions

You can sell your damaged car to a salvage auction, which is an intermediary between auto recyclers, salvage yards, and insurance companies. Selling a damaged car at a salvage vehicle auction is relatively easy because this process will allow you to get more money than selling your car to an insurance adjuster. However, this method is restricted to particular sellers in many states. You must show the damaged vehicle at the auction, tow it, and pay some fee for an opportunity to sell the car.

Towing Companies

Towing companies are excellent options when you consider selling your wrecked car. These companies purchase wrecked cars and sell them at a car-purchasing business or an auction. Selling the wrecked cars to towing companies is easy, but you might not get a fair market value. In addition, keep in mind that selecting authentic and authorized companies will allow you to make the most money. When you inquire about their credentials, a legitimate business will gladly provide you with copies of any relevant paperwork.

Full-service Salvage Yards

A full-service salvage yard is an excellent option if you want to sell your damaged late-model car. By following this method, you can tow your vehicle to their premises to dismantle it. You will get a reasonable price from the service givers. It is a good idea to go for this method to get more profit since the full-service salvage yards dismantle the parts of the car to earn increased value from the car. This is how they also get high income from car users.

Junk Car Buyers

There are substantial thriving businesses around you that are looking for totaled vehicles for buying and selling the parts of the vehicles. Millions of companies are there to deal cash for damaged cars. Junk car buyers purchase your wrecked car offering a fair market price as they are private buyers of the car. After buying the car from you, they will resell it after repairing it. If they can’t resell it for profit, they will share parts with the salvage yards and sell them.

Niche or Scrap Metal Recyclers

Niche recyclers collect different parts of totaled and valueless old junk cars. It would help if you sold the damaged cars for cash directly to a niche or scrap metal recycler instead of a middleman. Selling your car directly to the recyclers will help you to get more money. Niche recyclers are better options than regular recyclers if you want to make more money because niche recyclers value the wrecked cars more than other recyclers.

Scrap Metal Recyclers gives cash for damaged cars


Expect to receive anywhere from $100 – $20,000 for your damaged car. It depends on several important factors, such as the make/model of your car, the age, how bad the damage is, location, etc. In some cases, for newer cars you can expect more but in order to find out, you’ll have to complete the instant offer form online or give us a call. Instead of resting your damaged car in the backyard, you should sell your damaged car for cash to a dealer to get a great deal. Though there is little chance of getting a handsome value, you can still sell it for a reasonable amount if you remember the above points. Never think that your car has no value after getting in an accident.

Whatever seems valueless to you might seem a product of great value to others. Just make a proper plan before selling your car. If you still do not fully understand the procedure and the processes involved. For hassle-free help in selling your broken-down vehicles, you may want to get in touch with Zippy Cash for Cars.

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