Although discontinued, Scion was once one of the most forward brands in the automotive industry. It was created to get younger people to purchase more Toyota vehicles. Keep reading to learn about the evolution of the company, some of its most popular vehicles, and more.

Scion Sales

Scion was a successful company in its early days. The new, unique style of vehicles proved to bring a new light that Toyota had not seen for quite some time. The first big spike in sales happened in their second year of business (2004), when the company went from selling 10,898 vehicles to 99,259 in under 12 months. According to CarSalesBase, their highest year in sales was 2006. During this time, Scion sold 173,034 vehicles. However, a continual downfall happened post-2006 for the company. Strangely enough, they did end up selling 51,158 models before their final year in existence.

Scion Sales

Scion’s short-lived history shows that although they may not have succeeded in the long-term, they were a part of something larger – bringing unique and high-quality vehicles to the automotive market.

Geographic Popularity

Because Scion is underneath Toyota (a Japanese brand), most of the cars were manufactured in Japan. They were exported to the United States.

Scion Car

Unique Facts About the Scion

Perhaps the most unique thing about the Scion brand was their philosophy on price. They wanted to provide young drivers with an affordable way to look stylish on the road, without sacrificing quality, style, or safety. This led them to come up with the “pure price” concept. Essentially, the price on the sticker was what the customer paid for the vehicle. No fluff, no markups – just one flat price. While there were still options to add-on and customize the car, this was completely up to the customer. This was monumental for young people, who often are uneducated about the vehicle-buying process.

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