Saab Sonett, Quick Acceleration, Sleek Design, and Affordable Pricing!

Saab Sonett is all set to surprise you with its powerful engine and a range of amenities. Although it’s an old vehicle, it can grab everyone’s attention with its unique design. It offers excellent maneuverability with its small body. It makes a great impression with its hidden headlights. However, the headlights need to be operated manually.

If you’re looking to buy a reliable and affordable sports car, Saab Sonett can be the right choice for you. If you have a Saab Sonett, we’ll buy it for cash today and pay top dollar.

Saab Sonett Specs

Saab Sonett ensures a smooth driving experience with a range of amazing features.

  • Wrinkle Finished Black Dashboard
  • Fiberglass Body Construction
  • Column-mounted Shifter
  • High Back Bucket Seats
  • Optional Dealer-installed Air Conditioner
  • 3-point Seatbelt

Engine & Performance

Saab Sonett Engine and Performance

Saab Sonett comes with a 1.7L V4 engine that can produce 73 horsepower. It comes standard as a front-wheel drive. It can go from 0mph to 60mph within 12.5 seconds. Saab Sonett achieves a top speed of 99mph when you’re driving on the highway.

Although it’s a sports car, it can ensure an impressive fuel efficiency rating as compared to other models in this category.

Saab Sonett Safety Features

Saab Sonett ensures a safe and comfortable ride with these amazing safety features.

  • Fiberglass Body Construction
  • Traction Control with Stability Control
  • High Back Bucket Seats
  • 3-point Seatbelt
  • Low-Speed Impact Proof Bumpers

Saab Sonett Color Options

Saab Sonett can match anyone’s style with its four beautiful colors.

  • Monte Carlo Blue
  • Midnight Sun Yellow
  • Baja Red
  • Safari Green

Infotainment & Entertainment

You’d get to enjoy a fun ride with these tech and entertainment features of Saab Sonett.

  • AM/FM Radio
  • 4-speaker Stereo
  • Mast Antenna

Saab Sonett Brief History

Saab Sonett History

Saab Sonett was launched as a 2-door roadster in 1955. This model only continued for 2 years and was dropped in 1957. Later on, the company again used this nameplate on a 2-door coupe in 1966. It shared its engine and other components with Saab 93, 95, and 96 over the years.

The company discontinued the production of this vehicle in 1974 because its sales significantly declined due to the 1973 oil crisis.

Evolution of Saab Sonett

Saab Sonett went through several innovative changes over the years, the company introduced four different models of this vehicle.

Sonett I

Saab Sonett I

Saab Sonett I was launched as a 2-door and 2-seat roadster. It came with a 748 cc three-cylinder engine. It became popular with its aluminum box-style chassis. It was capable of producing 57.5 horsepower. It was built on aircraft design concepts. This model was primarily designed for race competition.

And the company produced only six units of this vehicle because the rules changed for the race competition. Erik Carlsson, a renowned rally driver, used a restored version of Sonett I in 1996 and broke the record for the under-750-cc engine class.

Sonett II

Saab Sonett II

Sonett II was launched as a 2-door coupe. It came with an 841 cc two-stroke engine that could produce 59 horsepower. This model offered additional safety with its fiberglass body.

Sonett V4

Saab Sonett V4

In 1967, the two-stroke engine was replaced by a V4 engine because of the swiftly changing US emission standards.

The company now started offering a 1.5L V4 engine that was capable of producing 65 horsepower. This model was criticized by most automotive experts as it came with an asymmetrical hood shape. An upgraded version was introduced in 1969 that came with taller seat backs and a lid for the glove compartment.

The company also started offering a number of safety features like high-back bucket seats, three-point seatbelts, and a roll bar. In 1970, the company decided to introduce a new body design because the existing body couldn’t accommodate the requirements of the Clean Air Act of 1970.

Sonett III

Saab Sonett III

Sonett III was initially launched with a 1.5L engine that was later replaced by a 1.7L engine in 1972. This model was offered with a floor-mounted shifter to meet the requirements of the US market. Moreover, the company started offering the optional dealer-installed air conditioning system.

The interesting thing about this model is that it came with the manually-operated hidden headlights. The sales of this model were significantly affected due to the 1973 oil crisis. Therefore, the company discontinued its production in 1974.

The company had planned to reintroduce this nameplate on a 2+2 sports car that could’ve been able to produce 400 horsepower. The company was going to use the Phoenix platform for this new car. However, the plans were canceled due to the dissolution of Saab in 2012.

What’s the Price of a Used Saab Sonett in the United States?

A used Saab Sonett may cost around $3,300-$8,400 depending on the model year, the vehicle’s overall condition, and other factors.

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