Places that Are Buying Totaled Cars for Cash

Places that are buying totaled cars


Do you ever wonder what you can do with your car if it gets damaged in an accident? Well, damaged cars do not mean useless. You can sell your totaled vehicles, in fact in the US there are 13 car accidents every minute per the BTS . There are a lot of online websites that are buying totaled cars from owners at a reasonable price. A totaled car can bring in actual cash value for the owner.

Selling junk cars has been common for years. However, buying totaled cars tend to be considered a misfortune and loss. Well, a wrecked car is a total loss car, which is why these are called ‘totaled.’ But if the owner of the crashed car wants to sell the car, it can be done through various websites that are well-known in the market. Just as junk cars can be valued based on their condition, a totaled car’s value can differ from the next car.

What is a Totaled Car?

Cars that are subjected to an accident and become irreparable are called totaled cars. Sometimes, the crashed cars can be repaired, but the cost of repairing them is higher than the actual value of the car. Or sometimes, these cars are so damaged that no amount of repairs will make them safe to drive. All these situations can make a car a totaled car.

Whether to label a car as a total loss car depends on the car insurance company. The insurer will evaluate the wrecked cars and note the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the vehicles and pay the owner accordingly. In short, the insurance company declares the fair market value of the cars before the loss occurs. ACV is calculated based on the depreciation of the vehicle, which includes usage, mileage, etc.

Can You Sell Your Damaged or Totaled Car?

If a car gets damaged in an accident, the insurance company swoops in to calculate the value of the car to be paid to the owner. If you have been in an accident of any kind where your car has been so damaged that it cannot be driven safely anymore, it is most likely that the insurance company will acquire the damaged vehicle by paying you the actual value of the car, which is a very good deal.

But in most cases, you might not agree with the price the insurance agency puts on your car. You have a chance to challenge them, but the auto insurance company will not accept that your idea is more correct than their calculations. In that case, you can buy the car back from the insurance company. The salvage vehicle then can be sold to places, dealers, junk yards, and online websites that buy totaled cars.

Some totaled cars can be repaired and sold again

What is Your Totaled Vehicle Worth?

No matter whether you get the settlement amount from the insurance agent or if you want to buy back your car and sell it separately, you need to know the true worth of the car. It is difficult to deal with the proceedings if you have no idea what the value of your wrecked vehicle is.

You would not believe how easy it is to check the value of your car. There are a number of websites where you can calculate the worth of your vehicle within seconds. Kelley Blue Book, We Buy Totaled Cars, etc., these websites have very good value calculators for your totaled car. All you have to do is insert your vehicle details, such as mileage, car’s condition, year, model, make, etc. The more updated the information is, the better the calculator will work. Then you can know the fair price of your vehicle, and you can question the value offered by the insurance company if the amount is too low. Insurance companies in different states have varying thresholds in how they total a car.

Places That Buy Totaled Cars

These days, selling your totaled car is not difficult. But it mostly depends on the state’s laws. In some states, you can sell a totaled car without a salvage title. Also, in some other states, you must have a title to sell cars. Some even restrict the sale of totaled vehicles that have been notified as undrivable. But still, there are some places that deal in cash legally for totaled vehicles.

Zippy Cash for Cars

Zippy Cash for Cars offers to pay a fair price for your damaged cars. Dealing with this website is easy and time-saving. They offer an instant quote. They give an offer for your vehicle in less than two minutes. You have to enter a valid zip code so that they can track your location and see the laws applicable to you, making your job very easy.


CarMax is a junkyard with a huge nationwide network. They provide a safe and reliable place to sell your car. They buy cars from sellers at a good value and then invest in repairs. If a vehicle is too damaged to repair, they scrap the vehicle for the metal and remaining good parts. They even provide free towing for totaled cars.


CarBrain is also another well-known name that has a huge influence on the junk car business. They also provide very good service for totaled vehicles. Certain vehicles can be in better condition than others, and they will be priced accordingly. If you get your car totaled by any chance and do not want to accept the insurance company settlement, then CarBrain is a good choice to get the car’s worth.

We Buy Totaled Cars is a very useful website where it gives you proper information about the totaled car selling process. They have their own car value calculator that you can use to find out the value of the car. Even less-than-perfect vehicles have the chance to bring in good salvage value. They then make s fair offer for your car with hassle-free transaction processes.

Online sites often provide free towing service

Can You Buy Your Totaled Car from the Car Insurance Company?

In most cases, someone would want to buy back their totaled car from the car insurance company only if they think the cheque offered by the company does not cover the fair market value of the vehicle. When that happens, the owner of the vehicle can apply to keep the car. And what do you think they do with the damaged car? You can do a few things if you buy back your totaled car from insurance companies:

  • Donate the vehicle to a charity locally.
  • Get needed repairs done to legally drive the car again.
  • Sell to a salvage yard or a junkyard.

To keep the totaled car, you need to contact your insurance agent and let them know about your intention. The insurance company will still pay you a sum, but the amount will be lesser as they will deduct the amount they hoped to make in the auction sale of the vehicle. You can then get the car repaired and apply for a salvage title at the DMV, as without a title, you cannot sell a car in many states in the US.

Should You Buy a Wrecked Car?

Now the question comes, is it a good decision to buy a totaled or wrecked car? The answer is; it depends. If you want to use the car for scrap metal and parts, then it can be a good deal. All cars have the potential to bring in money from scrap metals. But if you want to resell the vehicle after repair, you have to be more decisive and knowledgeable about what type of car you are buying.

If you buy a car at a high price with the hopes of repairing it and then find out that the vehicle is far more damaged on the inside than can be realized from the outside, then it will be a huge loss. Also, the repaired vehicles lack resale value as they must have a salvage title. To an experienced person who knows how to calculate the price of a totaled car, he can make the vehicle a treasure box for cheap parts and quality metal.

Even a crashed car can be sold again


There are a lot of sites that buy totaled cars these days. If the owner of the car deems the car to be repairable when the insurance company says otherwise, a totaled car is put on sale. In most cases, totaled and wrecked cars are put to auto auctions by insurance companies. These buyers also buy the totaled cars from the auctions as well. Because of these buyers, individual car owners have a chance to get more money off of their ruined vehicles.

Before selling to these online buyers, the best strategy is to get as much research done as possible. As they say: better safe than sorry. If you know the correct value of the car, only then you can decide to keep the car from the insurance company. Otherwise, you will never know how much the totaled car could be worth. So instead of just accepting whatever value the insurer slaps onto the vehicle after identifying it as a total loss vehicle, know that you have a chance to sell the totaled car.

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