Payne Auto Group Used Cars

Payne Auto Group used cars

Are you ever curious about where to buy a used car from? Let’s say that you are new at buying vehicles for yourself or for someone close to you. The first stop should be a used car dealer. With the rise in demand in this era of the unstable economy, used cars are here to save the day. And when it comes to looking for trustworthy dealers to buy our used cars from, we all struggle. For that sole reason, we are going to look deeply into Payne Auto Group’s used cars.

Payne Auto Group has a vast collection of different types of vehicles of great quality. They offer great deals for cars such as Ford, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Ram, GMC, etc. Payne works from different locations to strictly provide service in concentrated areas. Because of Payne, people in areas around Southern Texas can depend on getting a good car at a cheap price in a one-day transaction!

What is Payne Auto Group All About?

Payne Auto Group has been doing business in Southern Texas since 1949. Throughout the years, they have strived to provide their customers with the best automotive experience that’s possible to give. They have become veterans in the used car market and know what works and how to keep the customers satisfied. They think that the main objective should be to create a friendly, safe, and hassle-free environment for the buyers.

Payne has locations all around Southern Texas, including Mission, Brownsville, Rio Grande City, and Weslaco. The widespread reach helps them interact with a huge number of people in different communities. And almost all outlets and dealerships under Payne store vehicles from different brands and models so that each buyer can have something they like. Payne dealers give priority to customer service. And so, no matter why you might visit a Payne store, you will not leave feeling disappointed.

Payne has a vast inventory

Payne Auto Inventory

From sedans to SUVs to trucks, Payne has a huge inventory of vehicles in each of their outlets. Based on the requirements of the buyer, they can offer the perfect car to the customer. From their huge collections, there are different cars from various brands and models like Audi, Chevy, Ford, Toyota, etc. They can also match the exterior color of the vehicle to the personal taste of the buyer. Among the colors, the most popular are:

  • Billet silver metallic clearcoat, Alloy silver metallic, Cool silver metallic, Pyrite silver metallic, Iconic silver metallic, Ingot silver metallic,
  • Granite crystal metallic clearcoat,
  • Blue silk metallic, Electric blue metallic, Tourmaline blue metallic, Antimatter blue metallic
  • Shadow gray metallic, Stone gray metallic, Magnetic gray metallic, Empire st gray metallic, Machine gray metallic, Dark earth gray, Nightfall gray metallic,
  • Black medium dark slate,
  • Granite crystal metallic clearcoat, and many more.

Among these cars, the customers also choose based on engine type, power, mileage, and age. The engine prowess is one of a car’s most sought-after elements. So Payne has various types of vehicles with solid and clean engines that can satisfy the customer. Among all the different types, some of the popular ones contain engines such as 6.7L 4v OHV Power, Power Stroke V8 Turbo, V8 Turbo Diesel B20, 4V OHV Power Stroke, OHV Power Stroke V8, Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel, etc.

What to Expect from Payne?

Payne has different locations that can work independently to give the best possible service to their buyers. It does not matter whether you visit a location to buy a car, get some parts, or even for small repairs and exchanges; the dealers will always give priority to your needs. Payne has various outlets that deal with different parts of Southern Texas: Payne Pre-Owned Harlingen, McColl, Brownsville, Edinburg, etc.

  • As customers, we can expect the best of services from Payne as per their company motto.
  • They provide superior service and parts to ensure of the fact that the customer’s car is up to par.
  • There is a large selection of certified pre-owned cars to choose from.
  • Payne does not work alone and has more than 14,000 different cars and brands to choose from.
  • There is a 72-hour Match Guarantee opportunity that lets you switch the car you have bought within three days with one of a matching price if you do not like the car.
  • They also offer total transparency at every step of the car buying process.
  • The staff are highly trained and know how to make the best use of market tools to offer the most suitable price for each vehicle.
  • All used cars are verified and certified through Payne Promise.

You can always trust Payne

Financing and Insurance Services with Payne

Payne Auto Group has a great financing system when buying a car. They have partnered with GSFS so that they can offer different options to select coverages to issue failsafe for both new and old vehicle purchases. There are various choices when it comes to choosing a car. Payne offers Vehicle Service Contracts, Tire and Wheels Solutions, Maintenace programs, Lease Protections, Credit Insurance, and Limited Warranty.

  1. Paintless Dent Protection Coverage program: Aside from that, they also provide a Paintless Dent Protection Coverage program to reduce the costs of repairing the car body after mild dents in the car.
  2. Appearance Protection Program: There is also the Appearance Protection Program which provides protection for both the interior and exterior of the car. Using this program can help you keep the car in the showroom quality when it comes to the issue of the appearance of the car.
  3. Key Replacement Program: They also have more protection programs like Key Replacement Program, which will replace your electric car keys. Electric keys are very useful, but they can get damaged pretty easily. When that happens, this program can replace it.
  4. Windshield Protection Program: This program provides finance and insurance policies for the windshield in cases of chips, cracks, and other damages. These problems can become dangerous as these cracks can spread and impair your vision when driving the car.
  5. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) program: GAP comes into focus when your car gets severely damaged, totaled, or stolen. In these cases, the insurance company does not cover the whole value of the car. It will only deal with the market price of the car. The rest is left to the car buyer. In this situation, the GAP program helps to take up the slack and cover the remaining amount.
  6. Tire and Wheel Protection Program: With the constant use of the car through the road can cause damage to the tire and wheel. Nails, pebbles, broken glass, potholes, curbs, uneven roads, etc., can cause severe harm to the tires and wheels of the car. This program covers these problems so that you can have safe traveling situations.

Should You Trust Your Car with Payne Auto Group?

Payne is not only known for being a seller of certified pre-owned cars but also is known as a trustworthy place to take your car to for servicing. They work to build trust and amicable relationships with their customers. While determining the services for your car, they will show the utmost respect to the proper manufacturer methods to make the car as good as new.

The provided service is promised to be top-notch and will let your car be run again on the road as soon as possible. They also promise to make the repairs long-lasting so that you can drive the car without any hassle. The service providers and mechanics are experts in automotive repairs, and you have nothing to worry about.

And in the case of needing any extra parts for your car, there is always a worry that the mechanic will not provide the best ones. If that happens, the car’s longevity will be ruined. But you can trust Payne to take good care of the car. They will provide you with great quality parts so that the repairs will exceed expectations. Payne has a huge collection of OEM parts available in their shop, making it easy to match the perfect parts for your car as early as possible.

The service is guaranteed no matter what


Not all car buyers look for something absolutely brand new. A car that runs well, has a few miles on it and can easily fit into the budget can become the ultimate choice of any potential car buyer. Payne has created a successful environment where people can visit, browse through thousands of options, and can choose the best fit for themselves. At the least possible cost, they can get the best car with extra services as add-ons.

Payne is a vast dealer of certified used cars. So they can provide the buyer with manufacturer quality warranty in various aspects of the car. So without extending your budget for a better car, you can get the full treatment from Payne that works like magic. They have perfected the art of keeping their customers happy with proper services, and you will not have any regrets whether you buy a car from them or not.

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