Oldsmobile Starfire, Strong Powertrain, Handsome Styling, and Sophisticated Ride!

Oldsmobile Starfire offers a smooth and comfortable ride with its comfortable interior and powerful engine. Whether you’re driving around the city or cruising on the highway, the car will provide an outstanding driving experience with a number of features. Although it’s an old car, it can still grab everyone’s attention with its beautiful exterior.

Oldsmobile Starfire was one of the fanciest models Oldsmobile ever produced. That’s why it still has a huge fan base. If you’re looking to purchase a spectacular classic car with a reasonable price tag, Oldsmobile Starfire can be the right choice for you. If you have a Oldsmobile Starfire, we’ll buy it for cash today and pay top dollar.

Oldsmobile Starfire Specs

Oldsmobile Starfire ensures a smooth driving experience with a number of amazing features.

  • Aggressive Muscular Design
  • Power Drum Brakes
  • Leather Bucket Seats
  • Tachometer
  • Power Steering
  • Optional Power Windows
  • Chrome Door Sills

Engine & Performance

Oldsmobile Starfire Engine and Performance

Oldsmobile Starfire comes standard with a 5.0L V8 engine combined with a three-speed turbo-hydraMatic transmission that can produce 350 horsepower. You can also choose a 4-speed manual transmission for a more powerful driving experience. The manual transmission offers a better fuel efficiency rating as compared to the automatic transmission.

It takes around 7.5 seconds to go from 0mph to 60mph. Similarly, it achieves a speed of 100mph within 15.6 seconds.

Oldsmobile Starfire Safety Features

Oldsmobile Starfire was launched at a time when safety wasn’t a major concern for most car manufacturers because they were busy winning the race of muscle cars. However, Oldsmobile Starfire still offered a number of safety features to ensure the safety of its users.

  • Rear Limited-slip Differential
  • Cruise Control
  • Stability Control with Traction Control
  • Performance Coil Springs
  • Power Drum Brakes
  • Head Rests and Shoulder Harness
  • Anti-roll Bars

Infotainment & Entertainment

Oldsmobile Starfire offers a fun ride with these tech and entertainment features.

  • AM/FM Radio
  • Four-speaker Stereo

Oldsmobile Starfire Brief History

Oldsmobile Starfire History

Oldsmobile Starfire was introduced as a standalone vehicle in 1960. But the Starfire nameplate was initially used for a convertible concept car in 1953. But the vehicle that was launched in 1961 was offered in a single convertible body style. It was the most expensive vehicle offered by Oldsmobile.

It became popular for its unique trim and luxurious interior. However, it shared most of its exterior components with other models of Oldsmobile. This model’s production was discontinued in 1966 and the Starfire nameplate again returned in 1975.

Evolution of Oldsmobile Starfire

Oldsmobile Starfire has been through three different phases over the years.

98 Starfire (1954-1957)

98 Starfire

This version was launched as the luxury convertible model of the 98 DeLuxe. This was the most expensive model of Oldsmobile offered during those days. It offered features like leather upholstery, power steering, signal-seeking AM radio, electric window lifts, a power-adjustable front seat, power brakes, and tinted glass.

It came with a 5.3L V8 engine combined with a 4-speed Hydramatic automatic transmission. This nameplate was dropped in 1958.

First Generation (1961-1966)

Oldsmobile Starfire First Generation

The first generation was launched as a 2-door hardtop and a 2-door convertible. It shared its body and wheelbase with the Super 88. It was the first full-sized production car in the United States that offered fender skirts on rear wheels, brushed aluminum side panels, power steering, and a console-mounted floor shifter.

Second Generation (1975-1980)

Oldsmobile Starfire Second Generation

The second generation was launched as a 2-door hatchback. It came with a 5.0L V8 engine combined with a three-speed turbo-hydramatic transmission. The company also offered the 4-speed manual transmission as an option.

A facelift version of the second generation was launched in 1979 that came with a revised rear end and twin rectangular headlamps.

What’s the Price of a Used Oldsmobile Starfire in the United States?

A used Oldsmobile Starfire may cost around $15,000-$36,000 depending on the model year, the vehicle’s overall condition, and other factors.

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