Oldsmobile Jetstar, Stunning Design, Strong Powertrain, and Roomy Interior!

Oldsmobile Jetstar is a two-door hardtop high-performance sports car that provides a stunning driving experience with its powerful engine and comfortable interior. It gave a tough time to Pontiac Grand Prix with its range of features. It makes a remarkable appearance with its unique wheel covers and other elements.

It only remained in the market for 2 years and was later replaced by Starfire. But if you’re looking for a reasonably priced, high-performance sports car, Oldsmobile Jetstar is the best bet.

Oldsmobile Jetstar Specs

Oldsmobile Jetstar offers a number of features to ensure a smooth driving experience in different situations.

  • Standard Cloth Upholstery
  • Optional Leather Upholstery
  • Full Wheel Covers
  • Padded Instrument Panel
  • Bucket Seats
  • Center Console
  • Complete Carpeting

Engine & Performance

Oldsmobile Jetstar Engine and Performance

Oldsmobile Jetstar produces 370 horsepower with its powerful V8 engine combined with a three-speed turbo Hydramatic transmission. You can also opt for a 4-speed manual transmission if you’re looking to enjoy a more powerful ride. It goes from 0mph to 60mph within 7.6 seconds. Similarly, it can achieve a top speed of 200mph within 49 seconds.

Oldsmobile Jetstar Safety Features

You get to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride with these safety features.

  • Stability Control with Traction Control
  • Head Rests and Shoulder Harness
  • Rear Limited-slip Differential
  • Performance Coil Springs
  • Anti-roll Bars
  • Cruise Control

Infotainment & Entertainment

Oldsmobile Jetstar comes standard with the AM/FM radio and 4-speaker sound system. Thus, you get to enjoy a fun ride in different situations. Most owners have already installed the aftermarket entertainment system. So, you can also get it installed if you like to have more fun on the road.

Awards & Recognition

Oldsmobile Jetstar won the top accelerator rank at NASCAR-supervised Pur Oil Performance Trials in 1965.

Oldsmobile Jetstar Brief History

Oldsmobile Jetstar History

Oldsmobile Jetstar was launched as a high-performance full-size car in 1964. It shared its roofline, engine, and seating arrangement with Starfire. However, it didn’t contain a few features of Starfire such as unique brightwork trim, leather interior, power steering, and power brakes.

It was only available as a two-door hardtop. And it was primarily introduced to compete with Pontiac Grand Prix.

Evolution of Oldsmobile Jetstar

Oldsmobile introduced two models of Oldsmobile Jetstar over two years.


This model was introduced as a direct competitor to Pontiac Grand Prix. It shared the concave rear window and squared-off roofline with Starfire. It was capable of producing 345 horsepower with its powerful V8 engine.

It came standard as a 3-speed manual transmission but the users could also opt for a 3-speed automatic transmission. The company produced 16,084 units of this vehicle in 1964.


This model produces 370 horsepower. And it came standard as a three-speed automatic transmission whereas the 4-speed manual transmission was offered as an option. This model again shared a number of features with Starfire. It came with bigger valves and improved cooling features.

Although the sales for Jetstar were significantly better than Starfire, the company discontinued this vehicle’s production in 1966.

What’s the Cost of a Used Oldsmobile Jetstar in the United States?

A used Oldsmobile Jetstar may cost around $6,500-$27,000 depending on the model year, the vehicle’s overall condition, and other factors.

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