Oldsmobile Hurst Olds, Powerful Engine, Attractive Styling, and Better Fuel Efficiency!

During the 1970s, auto manufacturers were struggling to deliver high performance to buyers while trying to comply with the changing emission standards. All the major players like Buick, Chevrolet, and Ford were busy building new engine displacements to meet the demands of their customers.

Unfortunately, Oldsmobile was slowly dying during this era because some of its models had failed to grab more sales from the market. In this situation, Oldsmobile Hurst Olds was considered to be a new breath of fresh air as it helped with reviving the company’s reputation.

It came with a more attractive exterior and a powerful engine. Moreover, it offered a comfortable driving experience in different conditions. If you’re willing to buy a muscle car without breaking the bank, Oldsmobile Hurst Olds might be the right choice for you. If you have an Oldsmobile Hurst Olds, we’ll buy it for cash today and pay top dollar.

Oldsmobile Hurst Olds Specs

Oldsmobile Hurst Olds offers a smooth driving experience with a range of features.

  • 15-in Chrome-plated Wheels
  • Reclining Bucket Seats
  • Dark Maple Crushed Velour Cloth
  • Optional Light Sand Gray Cloth Upholstery
  • Air Conditioning and a Quartz Clock
  • Partially Leather-wrapped Sport Steering Wheel

Engine & Performance

Oldsmobile Hurst Olds Engine and Performance

Oldsmobile Hurst Olds comes with a high-performance V8 engine that can produce 180 horsepower. It’s available as a four-speed manual transmission. It generates amazing exhaust notes with its dual-outlet exhaust system. The car goes from 0mph to 60mph within 8 seconds.

It can achieve a top speed of 109mph on the highway. Moreover, it completes a quarter mile within 16.7 seconds if you’re driving at a speed of 83mph.

Oldsmobile Hurst Olds Safety Features

Although it’s an old vehicle, it provides a safe and comfortable ride with its several safety features.

  • Cruise Control
  • Power Door Locks
  • Front Air Bags
  • Rear Limited-slip Differential
  • Front and Rear Anti-roll Bars
  • Traction Control with Stability Control
  • Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes
  • Heavy-duty Coil Sprung Suspension System

Infotainment & Entertainment

Oldsmobile Hurst Olds ensures a fun ride with its AM/FM Stereo. You can either continue using its 4-speaker sound system or you can upgrade it according to your preferences. Oldsmobile Hurst Olds offered the power trunk release feature that wasn’t available in most vehicles at that time.

Oldsmobile Hurst Olds Brief History

Oldsmobile Hurst Olds History

Oldsmobile Hurst Olds was a series of versions Oldsmobile launched in collaboration with Hurst Performance of Warminster, Pennsylvania. The company took this step after the success of Hurst’s components in its 442 model. The vehicle went through several innovative changes over the years.

Oldsmobile Hurst Olds Evolution


The first version of Hurst Olds was introduced in 1968 that shared its body with Oldsmobile 442 and Cutlass. It was available in two body styles including a sports coupe and a holiday coupe. It was launched with a unique Peruvian Silver and Black paint scheme. It was the only intermediate-sized car of General Motors that came with an engine larger than 400 cu in (6.6L).


This model offered a new Firefrost gold on white paint scheme instead of silver and black. It came with a functional “mailbox” fiberglass hood scoop. It made a remarkable appearance with its unique 15-inch chrome SSII rims. The company also added a spoiler to the trunk.


This model was developed by Hurst Performance because most major auto manufacturers were reluctant to take this step due to a tragic accident that took place in 1971. This model had the lowest production numbers compared to its predecessors. It came with Goodyear Polysteel Radial tires.


This version was launched with a newly designed chassis and body. It offered excellent freeway cruise stability with a uniform and stable steering feel. It came with a few other features including an acoustical dual-panel roof, flow-through power ventilation system, larger 22-gallon fuel tank, inside hood release, flush-style outside door handles, and more.


This model was based on the formal-roofed Cutlass Supreme coupe. It came with a removable T-Top-style roof. This model was launched with a single exhaust due to the environmental regulations introduced at that time. It came with 15-inch Super Stock III Oldsmobile rims.


This model was launched with a 5.7L V8 engine and was based on the Cutlass Calais coupe. It was the first model that didn’t offer a 455 engine. The users could choose between the white and black exterior colors. Different parts were covered with gold paint to add a unique touch to the car.


It was the limited edition version launched on the 15th anniversary of Hurst Olds. It was available in black color with silver rocker panels. It offered an incredible look with its rear spoiler and power bulge hood. This version was again launched with a dual exhaust system.

What’s the Cost of a Used Oldsmobile Hurst Olds in the United States?

A used Oldsmobile Hurst Olds may cost around $9,500-$36,500 depending on the model year, the vehicle’s overall condition, and other factors.

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