Founded in 1933 by Yoshisuke Aikawa in Japan, Nissan is an automobile manufacturer. The company has dominated the sales charts since its origin, with its cars known for being reliable and having sleek designs. In this article, you’ll learn about the dealer, its history, and all they have to offer. Sell Your Nissan for Cash today, we pay top dollar!

How the Company Got Started

Yoskisuke Aikawa was the first president of Nissan, originally named Nihon Sangyo. Starting in 1928, the company experienced rapid growth in the automotive industry. They started out as an automotive parts manufacturer, emerging as NISSAN in 1933 to the Japanese public. The first cars were made at the Nishi-ku Yokohama headquarters in 1935.

Old Nissan

The Datsun Type-15 is well-known throughout Japan as the first mass-produced vehicle the country had ever seen, coming onto the market in 1937.

In 1958, the company expanded to the United States operating under the name Datsun. The Datsun is also the name of their first vehicle, made in a sedan and compact pickup model. These were the first cars to be imported into the U.S., shown at the 1959 Los Angeles Auto Show.

From then, Datsun took off in North America and other countries around the world. Factories are now in several different countries, including Mexico, China, and more.

Nissan Logo History

The Logo

The picture on the left shows the Nissan logo from its origin in 1933, up until the most recent one. It has undergone many changes since the first one, each with its own unique design. Each time it was changed, it reflected the culture and design aesthetics of the time period. In 2020, the futuristic design was created to reflect the modernization of the company and the automobile industry; it was updated from an attempt at an elegant silver circular one.


According to statistics compiled by CarSalesBase, Nissan has sold almost 22 million cars since 2000. Currently, they are the 6th leading car manufactured for sales in the United States. In Japan, Nissan is the top seller in the country. The chart from CarSalesBase below shows Nissan’s sales in the U.S. since 1960, which have an interesting growth pattern. Their sales started off slow in the 1960s, increasing dramatically once consumers recognized their potential. Sales also dipped a bit in the late 90s and early 2000s, but as the decade went by, their sales jumped extremely.

Many Different Models

Nisaan has a wide selection of over 70 cars, minivans, crossovers, SUVs, and trucks available for purchase. Here’s a list of the ones currently available:


Avg Asking Price



Used: $12,899

New: $17,443

The Versa is a compact sedan that is perfect for driving long distances. It gets 32/40 MPG (city/highway), with 122 horsepower.

Used: $13,677

New: $19,510

The Sentra features a premium 4-seat experience with folding rear seats and an expansive cargo area. It gets 29/39 MPG (city/highway), with 149 horsepower.

Used: $24,002

New: $28,550

The Altima has the first Variable Compression Turbo engine, as well as an open concept for the interior and trunk.  It gets 28/39 MPG (city/highway), with 248 horsepower.

Used: $28,763

New: $37,240

The Maxima is the largest of the 4-door Nissan sedans, featuring a luxurious leather interior and Apple CarPlay Integration. It gets 20/30 MPG (city/highway), with 300 horsepower.

Used: $13,556

New: $27,400

The LEAF is the only completely electric vehicle that Nissan makes. It is considered a fully-connected car, as it can be controlled entirely by an app. It is compact and is also available in a hybrid/non-electric model.

Used: $87,908

New: $113,540

When it comes to sports cars, the GT-R is run by an astounding 600 horsepower. It gets 16/22 MPG (city/highway) and features upgraded interiors, safety features, and a speaker system. 

Used: $19,700

New: $23,463

The Kicks is the smallest compact SUV Nissan offers. It gets 31/36 MPG (city/highway) and 122 horsepower. It features responsive steering and Apple CarPlay.

Nissan Rogue Sport

Used: $17,995

New: $24,260

The Sport model of the Rogue is equipped with Nissan Intelligent Mobility, a large cargo area, and an all-wheel drive. It gets 25/32 MPG (city/highway) and 141 horsepower.

Used: $17,995

New: $26,050

The Rogue is a classic Nissan vehicle, with three different high-tech screens that display information about the car and all-wheel drive. It gets 27/35 MPG (city/highway) and 181 horsepower.

Used: $19,816

New: $32,910

One of the most popular Nissan vehicles, the Murano provides an amazing level of comfort for 5 passengers and a V6 engine. It gets 20/28 MPG (city/highway) and 260 horsepower.

Used: $19,967

New: $33,680

The Pathfinder is one of Nissan’s most capable vehicles with a towing capacity of 6,000 pounds. It also features off-road capability, luxurious interiors, and fuel efficiency. It gets 21/27 MPG (city/highway)

Used: $38,299

New: $48,900

The Armada is the ultimate off-road and travel vehicle with its towing capacity of up to 8,500 pounds. It is fuel efficient, has the most up-to-date technology, and a horsepower of 400.

Used: $19,585

New: $28,140

The Frontier is the basic Nissan truck for all your hauling needs. It offers a towing capacity of 6,720 pounds and 310 horsepower. It also features comfortable interiors, a 9-speed automatic shifter, and enhanced safety features.

Used: $27,219

New: $36,950

The Titan truck is the next step up for exploring the outdoors. With a towing capacity up to 11,040 pounds and a horsepower of up to 400, it has more advanced features than most trucks on the market.

Nissan Titan XD

Used: $37,722

New: $45,430

The Titan XD is the most upgraded truck model Nissan offers. It has similar towing and horsepower capacity to its original model, but has enhanced safety and technological features.

Most Popular Model

The most recent comprehensive statistics for Nissan were published in 2017 by GoodCarBadCar, stating that the Nissan Rogue was the most popular car to date. However, the Altima was close behind with only a 1.7% difference in sales.

In 2021 the market shifted, leaning toward a demand for smaller, more compact cars. This made the Nissan Sentra the perfect vehicle. It was determined to be the top selling car of the year. Statistics for early 2022 have yet to be published.


Nisaan takes its economic impact very seriously on a global level. The company produces a yearly sustainability report focused on its global reach, as well as by nation. Their principles focus on “realizing a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive society” in the near future. Their website features a detailed description of their vision for this year:

“Nissan has always recognized the critical role that businesses play in society and has seen us determined to play our part. Building on our company DNA and our purpose of driving innovation to enrich people’s lives, our goal is to empower mobility and to create social value for all stakeholders through our longstanding commitment to innovation and our outstanding technological expertise,”

“When we bring together our ESG approach with our unique Nissan mindset, we empower journeys for our customers and for wider society. In doing so, we will create a cleaner world where mobility is completely electrified, a safer world where people taking journeys are protected by innovative technologies, and an inclusive world where people are engaged, healthy and happy.”


A majority of the 2022 models feature the Nissan Safety Shield 360, which alerts the driver if another car is approaching from any side of the vehicle. This new safety feature has:

  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • High beam assistance
  • Lane departure warning
  • Blind spot warning
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Rear automatic braking

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