After many years of operating as the world’s top automobile company, Toyota decided to open a luxury side to their brand. This division, called Lexus, has grown over the past 33 years to be one of the most recognizable luxury performance vehicle brands in many countries. To learn more about Lexus, keep reading!

How the Company Got Started

Lexus StartedIn 1989 in Nagoya, Japan, Toyota opened Lexus as the luxury performance vehicle company underneath their main brand. The company launched with two 4-door sedan cars, the LS 400 and the ES 250 (see picture). During their first year in business, they chose less than 200 dealers to be able to sell their cars – speaking to the exclusivity and luxury image they wished to portray. Their ideas for luxury worked. By 1991, they had launched three new cars – the ES 300, SC 300, and SC 300 Sport – and outsold two other luxury car companies in the United States.

Between 1998 and 1999, Lexus had beaten out all other luxury brands on the market and sold 1 million vehicles. This level of success had never been achieved by any of their competitors, even on an international scale. Their success continued into 2000, when they became the highest selling luxury brand in the United States.

The next decade was filled with new vehicle concepts and releases, along with growth for the company. They launched their philanthropic program, Lexus Pursuit of Potential, in 2007. Their publicity expanded in 2012, when they released their first Superbowl commercial. By 2019, they had introduced yachts into their luxury line, released dozens of new vehicles, and created new concepts that have stunned the automotive industry.

The Logo

Lexus LogoLexus has kept a simple, yet luxurious, logo since their origin in 1989. Their signature L encased in a circle can be recognized anywhere, especially when one of their vehicles is cruising down the highway. When creating the logo, Toyota wanted to keep a sense of consistency with their logo, which has looked similar to Lexus’ in the past. Like other luxury brands, the color palette is kept simple – sticking to a black, silver, and gunmetal/charcoal scheme. Model names are emboldened in a similar fashion.


Lexus has always been able to achieve high rates of sales on a global market, which has been demonstrated over and over again through the awards they have received. However, in 2019, they achieved the unbelievable – selling 10 million vehicles globally. Since then, they have continued to see a growth in their sales. Since 2019, they have sold almost 900,000 vehicles in the United States which contributes to their overall global sales. The chart below shows their sales and growth percentages since 1989, as analyzed by CarSalesBase.

Lexus Sales

Many Different Models

Lexus has a nice selection of luxury vehicles available for purchase. Here’s a list of the ones currently available:


Avg Asking Price



Used: $32,590

New: $43,545

2-Door Coupe. Also available in F model.


New: $94,125

2- Door Coupe. Also available in Hybrid.

Lexus LC Convertible

Used: $71,450

New: $102,175

2-door Coupe with convertible.

Used: $24,250

New: $39,850

4-Door Sedan

Lexus IS 500

Used: $50,999

New: $57,575

4-Door Sedan

Used: $30,998

New: $41,875

4-Door Sedan. Also available in Hybrid.

Used: $42,990

New: $77,075

4-Door Sedan

Used: $28,500

New: $34,225

4-Door SUV. Also available in Hybrid.

Used: $24,990

New: $39,025

4-Door SUV. Also available in Hybrid and PHEV.

Used: $25,999

New: $46,645

4-Door SUV. Also available in Hybrid.

Used: $42,590

New: $56,700

4-Door SUV

Used: $40,567

New: $88,245

4-Door SUV

For more information about any of these vehicles, visit Lexus’ website here.

Most Popular Model

The Lexus RX is the company’s best selling vehicle in the United States. It is a crossover SUV that comes in a variety of different options, including one that adds a third row and seats up to 9 people. Many people gravitate toward the RX model because of its versatility and ability to be customized to the customer’s liking. There are four different trims, which can be purchased in front wheel or all wheel drive. It is also available in a hybrid model for those who are searching for a more economically-friendly vehicle. In January of 2022, the company sold almost 8,000 of this model alone.

Geographic Popularity

Although Lexus is a Japanese-based company, their factories are located in Brussels, Belgium and Plano, Texas, USA. The location of these factories speaks to its geographic popularity, as the company has grown to be a household name over the past three decades. There are two exceptions to this, however. The ES is made in a Toyota factory in Georgetown, KY; the RX is made in a factory in Cambridge, Ontario, which is in Canada.


Lexus is not only the leading luxury brand in sales, but also in sustainability. In 2009, the year of their 20th anniversary, they launched the HS 250h, which was the first hybrid-only vehicle to be sold in the luxury market. That same year, their LF-Ch premium compact hybrid concept was released in North America. By the next year, they had released their 5th hybrid vehicle. Since then, they have been setting the precedent for other brands on how to become more active in the sustainability world.

Today, their mission to create a better environment continues. Their website proudly states this about their passion for sustainability: “Our tireless environmental efforts have grown out of a genuine respect and concern for our planet. To safeguard the world for future generations, we’ve gone beyond conventional means of leaving less of an impact. We believe our efforts, along with everyone else’s, can do a world of good.”

They focus on using raw materials and creating maximum fuel efficiency when they craft their vehicles. According to the corporate website, their efforts have saved more than 500,000 tons of material from going to a landfill – an extraordinary feat nonetheless.


All models made in 2020 or newer come with the Lexus Safety System+, which is Lexus’ newest way to keep both drivers and passengers safe. The most basic system includes:

  • Pre-Collision System with Brake Assist (which can bring the car to a complete stop, if needed)
  • Lane Assistance
  • Intelligent High Beams
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
  • Road Sign Assist

Newer models also use radar and camera systems from all angles, which helps to protect against accidents on both backroads and busy highways. The Safety Connect feature allows drivers to have Collision Assistance (on some models) and to get in contact with emergency services – even sending GPS location and instructions for crashes that deploy the airbags. There are different versions of the Lexus Safety System, so customers can pick more enhanced features for an additional cost.

Both the IS and the ES Models have been awarded the “Top Safety Pick+” award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in 2021, along with many awards and accolades given to models in previous years. The UX model with triple-beam LED headlamps with automatic leveling and the RX with triple-beam LED headlamps have also been picked for this award.

Ultimately, Lexus strives to have drivers and passengers live in an accident-free world. To test their safety features, they have a crash test that involves collecting millions of data points to evaluate each feature. The crash dummy helps to collect these data points, which then are evaluated by Lexus’ top engineers and safety professionals. Their model is called the “Total Human Model for Safety.”

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