Land Rover Range Rover, Powerful Engines, Elegant Exterior Styling, and Sumptuous Interior!

Range Rover provides an incredible driving experience in both on-road and off-road conditions. It provides plenty of comfort with its thronelike seats and stunning interior. Whether you’re driving on winding roads or on rough pavements, it delivers a confident ride all the time.

With its powerful engine, it can tow up to 7,000 lbs. It even provides a remarkable driving experience on harsh off-road terrains. It’s not just a luxurious vehicle but capable as well. If you’re searching for a top-quality luxury large SUV, Range Rover must be on your list. If you have a Land Rover Range Rover, we’ll buy it for cash today and pay top dollar.

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If you’re willing to sell your Land Rover Range Rover at an attractive price, we’d be pleased enough to make an offer. Over the years, we’ve purchased hundreds of Land Rover Range Rover units because it’s one of the most comfortable and luxurious large SUVs available on the market. So, feel free to give us a call or fill out our online form to get the best quote for your Land Rover Range Rover today!

How Much Will You Pay for My Land Rover Range Rover?

There are several factors that affect how much we’ll pay for your Land Rover Range Rover. Some factors include:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Title type
  • Trim level
  • etc

Feel free to fill out our online form or give us a call to get a quote on your Land Rover Range Rover today!
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Range Rover Brief History

Land Rover Range Rover History

Range Rover was launched as a 4×4 motor car by British Leyland in 1969. The company launched a range of other models under this name including Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport, and Range Rover Velar.

Awards & Recognition

Range Rover has won multiple awards over the years.

  • Best Large SUV Award by What Car
  • Best Luxury Car of the Year Award in 2022
  • Best Utility Vehicle Award
  • IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus

Range Rover Sales Figures

Here’s a year-by-year overview of Range Rover sales conducted within the United States.

Year Land Rover Range Rover Units Sold
2005 13,430
2006 12,044
2007 12,316
2008 5,428
2009 6,981
2010 8,755
2011 9,887
2012 8,341
2013 12,221
2014 12,830
2015 17,821
2016 16,155
2017 16,869
2018 19,030
2019 18,831
2020 13,982
2021 17,285
2022 5,652

What’s the Price of New and Used Range Rover in the United States?

A new Land Rover Range Rover may cost around $104,500-$218,300 depending on the trim and package you’re choosing. A used Land Rover Range Rover may cost around $23,900-$198,900 depending on the model year, the vehicle’s overall condition, and other factors.

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