Land Rover is known for being a company unafraid to navigate “uncharted territory” while still staying true to their traditional values and morals. Throughout their almost 80 year history, they have created some of the world’s most dependable vehicles. Keep reading to find out more about Land Rover.

History of the Company

Land Rover began in 1947 in the United Kingdom. They have a long, demonstrated history with the British government for creating vehicles for both the average consumer and the military. Most of the early vehicles made in the 40s and 50s were the color green. In 1948, the first Land Rover was introduced. Originally, the Land Rovers were made with Jeep chassis and axles.

The early 60s saw the production of the second series of Land Rovers, which brought more success for the company. They introduced the Range Rover to the global market in 1970, but quickly abandoned sales in the United States in 1974 due to the expansion of other Japanese brands. However, that did not stop the company from continuing to produce their popular vehicles in other countries. By 1976, they had produced their one-millionth vehicle.

In 1987, the company finally reintroduced the Range Rover and Land Rover to the U.S. This saw an immediate increase in sales, which proved to be great for the company. By 1989, they released the Discovery series – another successful line of vehicles. While they were continuing to release new models, they also revamped their series of Land Rovers and Range Rovers. This continued throughout the early 2000s. They have plans to produce more environmentally-friendly vehicles, continue producing their Range and Defender serieses.

Ownership and Influence of Other Companies

By 1978, Land Rover had established themselves as a company within the U.K. Prior to becoming their own company, Land Rover had been owned by the Rover Company, the British Leyland Motor Corporation, and the Leyland Motor Corporation. They stayed as a n independent company until 1994 when they were bought out by BMW. In 2000, that changed when they were sold to Ford Motor Company. Land Rover was sold for 1.8 billion pounds. In 20098, the company was sold once again, along with Jaguar, to Tata Motors. Tata Motors is an Indian-based company that first appeared on the global scene in 1907, starting out as a hydropower plant and science institute. The companies were then combined to create Jaguar Land Rover in 2013.

Land Rover has had a complicated history with ownership and partnerships with other brands. The company has had an abundance of different owners, but that did not stop them from creating vehicles that are recognizable worldwide.

Coffee Endeavors

In 2005, the Land Rover company expanded their endeavors outside of the automobile manufacturing world. They opened a coffee company, offering “uniquely branded coffee, coffee machinery, service, and associated products to the beverage industry and to retail customers.”

The Logo

Land Rover Logo History

Land Rover has not changed their logo much since its origin in 1948. When the company first started, the logo was silver and featured the name of the model, country of origin, and other pertinent information about the car. In 1968, the logo was simplified to feature the name of the company in black and yellow. The design was kept the same until now, but the colors have changed to green and a white/beige.


Land Rover has had a rocky history of sales in the United States. Their growth percentage shows a slow, yet positive progression. Their sales peaked in the early to mid 1990s, with 1993-1994 being some of their best years. However, although sales have decreased, especially during the 2008 recession, the company has remained a household name in the luxury car space. Their vehicles can be seen everywhere across the globe.

Land Rover Sales

Many Different Models

Land Rover has a wide selection of vehicles available for purchase. Here’s a list of the ones currently available:


Avg Asking Price



Used: $49,990

New: $101,000

“Peerless refinement and luxury.”

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Used: $15,955

New: $70,900

“The most dynamic Range Rover.”

Used: $45,990

New: $58,300

“The avant-garde Range Rover.”

Used: $23,990

New: $45,000

“Time to make a statement.”

Used: $25,650

New: $56,600

“The most versatile seven-seat SUV.”

Land Rover Discovery SPORT

Used: $23,998

New: $43,400

“The versatile compact SUV.”

Used: $49,900

New: $51,700

“Capable of great things.”

Most Popular Model

The most popular Land Rover model in the United States is the Range Rover Sport, which is the company’s version of a large SUV. It has been the best selling model since 2006, according to CarSalesBase.

The Range Rover Evoque is the most popular model in the United Kingdom, and has been ever since its release in 2011. In 2020, there were more than 37,000 vehicles sold.

On a global scale, the Discovery Sport was the best-selling model from 2013-2019. It is also the most affordable Land Rover model, so that works in the vehicle’s favor.

Geographic Popularity

Currently, Land Rover vehicles are made in China, India, Brazil, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. However, because of the company’s demonstrated history in the United Kingdom, a majority of Land Rover vehicles are made in factories across the country of England. Factories are located in Solihull and Halewood, England.

The Defender is made in factories in the following countries: Brazil, Turkey, Iran, and Spain.


Sustainability is extremely important to Land Rover, and has been since they originated. Their website states that they are “committed to growing business responsibly and sustainably, so we can add value to our customers, company and the wider economy.” The company seeks to promote sustainability in the following areas:

  • Life cycle impact to “reduce the overall environmental impact of our products and operations”
  • Treating waste as a valuable resource by “cutting waste and reducing water use”
  • Reducing the carbon footprint by “constantly investigating new ways” to tackle the issue to achieve a “30% reduction in [our] emissions across our manufacturing operations by 2020”
  • Creating new opportunities for employees and others involved with the company, totalling over 12 million people


Land Rover offers the following features to help ensure driver safety:

  • In Control Protect Roadside Assistance
  • Power Operated Child Locks
  • Xenon Headlights
  • Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers
  • Upgraded Airbag Technology
  • Parking Assistance
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • 360-Degree View Camera
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Blind Spot Monitor
  • Lane Keep Assist with driver alerts

The company also offers excellent warranties for customers to help with any safety features that aren’t working properly.

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