How to Sell a Non-Running Car?

Car with smoke and non-running

You can sell a non-running car by contacting cash for cars companies online. Our company, Zippy Cash for Cars for instance will ask you some details about your car and give you an offer within a few minutes. There are numerous causes for non-running cars, including a dead battery, alternator, a destroyed engine, working lights, knocking sounds, exhaust smoke, a variety of other mechanical and electrical problems, worn mechanical components, defective electrical systems, faulty engines, etc. However, the exciting thing is, you can easily get cash for these non-running cars.

It can be very frustrating for a car’s owner when the car won’t start. Fortunately, a non-running car keeps some of its significance and can frequently be fixed or sold for the money. Instead of investing money in repairing a non-running vehicle, people might think about selling non-running cars to potential buyers in local junkyards, Facebook marketplace, or nearby shops.

What is a Non-Running Car?

A non-running car is generally known as an inoperable vehicle. It cannot be driven safely or cannot be repaired without costing a large amount of money. It also applies to vehicles that can run and continue operating but have a problem that makes it unsafe or difficult to run on the road. Moving any car that doesn’t run requires specialized equipment and knowledge.

What are the Reasons for Your Car Not Running?

There are numerous reasons why your car becomes a non-working car, such as faulty fuel pump, spark plugs, engine problems, leaks, brake problems, etc. Here are a few potential causes of your non-working vehicle.

Dead Battery

The most ordinary cause of a car not starting is a dead or damaged battery. Your car engine will not start if your battery is dead. A dead battery’s benefit is that you can restart your car on your own without the help of a mechanic. Before attempting to start your car, inspect your battery to rule out any contamination. Make sure it is clean, and verify that everything is connected.

Damaged Ignition Switch

The ignition Switch performs a key role in transferring energy from the battery to the engine. It also serves as a connection between your starter motor and the battery. It is responsible for dispersing energy from the battery to the car’s parts. You won’t be able to start the engine if your ignition switch isn’t performing appropriately.

Fuel Filter Blockage

It will be challenging to drive a car if the fuel filter is blocked because the gasoline won’t be able to reach the engine. It will be tough for your car to consume fuel if it can’t get to the engine. Make sure you check and replace the fuel filter in your vehicle regularly.

Selling Non-Running Cars

Trying to sell a non-running car, truck, or SUV is not challenging at all. When you try to sell your non-running car, the price range widely depends on your selection method. Here are several ways to sell your car that doesn’t run.

Sell to Private Buyers

If you decide on selling cars that don’t run, or junk cars, you might wish to promote and sell them to private buyers. You will be responsible for your advertisement and interacting with prospective buyers. Be truthful about the state of your car when selling to a private buyer. It improves your chances of completing the deal at a good price.

Scrap Yards

All the junkyards will buy your non-working, used, or damaged car and break it down so they can sell the parts to their private buyers and car dealers. Therefore, getting cash for non running cars from a junkyard can be the right choice. Some junk car buyers may offer free towing from your location if you choose to accept their offer.

Part out the Vehicle

You can salvage the vehicle yourself to remove the functional components. You may be able to get more money if you sell a particular vehicle this way, as it contains rare in-demand parts. This method of selling your car could lead to high profit, but it will also need the most work since you will eventually need to sell the scrap metal to salvage yards to make it worthwhile.


Online is a great option when trying to sell your non-running or junk cars. People who buy cars online and search for a non-running car can fix it or get it fixed for less money. Find websites or a marketplace where you can get a cash offer for your cars.

How Much Can You Sell a Non-Running Car For?

Generally, a non-running car will can sell for up to 40% of a comparable, fully operating vehicle. It depends on a variety of factors, including why it’s not running. It’s probably not a good idea to give up the car if it has minor issues.

But, if you have substantial engine problems or your car has depreciated over time, then modestly expensive repairs may no longer be worthwhile. It can be challenging to determine the value of a broken car that won’t start. So, you should calculate your non-running car’s worth properly.

Bad Engine Cars and Non-Running Vehicles

A car with engine problems can put you and other drivers on the road in considerable danger. There are several reasons why engines fail. It’s possible that the malfunctioning combustion system destroyed a bearing or that the cooling fan broke down. The engine influences a range of components in your car, and even minor faults can quickly escalate into real issues if not addressed promptly. Here’s a list of 10 cars with the worst engines.

Selling a car with a damaged engine can be a good opportunity to remove a life-threatening threat and replace it with something slightly less hazardous. You can sell them to junk car buyers, scrap yards, any local repair shop, or online. Depending on the type of car you own, the price of an engine replacement can vary.

Can You Fix a Not Running Car?

You can fix a car that doesn’t run if it has only some minor issues. You only need jumper cables and a spare car battery to restart your battery if it is still in good condition. Or, for a quick solution, consider purchasing a portable car jump starter.

If you’re experiencing braking issues, you should get new brake pads and replace brake lines if required. If your non running car has any kind of leaks, try to wash the engine bay to check for oil leaks and prevent critical vehicle issues. Take your car to a professional or nearby repair shop as soon as you notice a massive problem with it.

If your car has serious issues, such as warning lights, engine jerking while driving, noticeable smells, and black smoke from exhaust pipes, you should sell your car rather than fix it. You can get cash for your non-running car by selling it.

Can You Trade in a Non-Running Car?

Yes, you can trade in a non-running car. For non-running cars, dealers frequently give low estimates. However, non-running cars are better to be sold through an online car buying company such as Zippy Cash for Cars. The reason for this is they specialize in cars that don’t run, have damage or any other issues that a dealer typically doesn’t like. These companies then sell your vehicle to a junk yard or salvage auto auction.Dealers on the other hand are looking to fix the issue and put the car back on their lot, for this reason, they typically lowball customers with non-running cars.

How to Get an Online Offer for My Non-Runner?

The easiest way to get a quote for your non-running car is to go to our instant offer form page or by calling us. Within a few minutes, we’ll have an offer on your car. If you choose to accept, we can come pick-up your car with free towing and pay you on the spot.

The quoting process is simple and quick. We will ask a few questions from you for some information, such as whether or not it works and drives. Provide accurate information for a quote. Following that, you’ll get a guaranteed offer for your car at a reasonable price.

Final Verdict

Selling a non-running car isn’t as difficult as it may seem. It’s unnecessary to waste a lot of time contemplating whether it’s profitable to fix non-running, damaged, or un-drivable vehicles. All you need to do is figure out how to sell a non-running car to the appropriate buyer who will give you a fair market value.

There are numerous businesses to get cash for non-running cars. Among them, Zippy Cash for Cars is a market leader in buying junk cars, non-working cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, vans, and boats. No matter how badly damaged your car is, they will still buy it and provide cash payment, free towing, and documentation transfer. Contact them at any moment by phone. Professional staff will be there for you every moment of the journey.

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