Infiniti is a unique luxury brand that prides itself on providing high-quality vehicles for an affordable price. Their philosophy centers on creating vehicles that put humans first, meaning they want to make cars that are both innovative and practical. Keep reading to find out more about how the company has fulfilled its mission throughout its 30-year history and continues to do so.

How the Company Got Started

Infiniti StartInfiniti was created as the luxury portion of the Nissan company. In 1985, top executives began to envision a new line of cars that was different from what they currently offer. However, they did not want to sacrifice performance or any of the other concepts they held dear. After four years of drafting plans and choosing names, Infiniti was launched. Cars could be found at 51 dealers across the United States. Only two models were released at that time, the Q45 (a sedan) and an M30 (a coupe).

By 1995, the company had gained national fame for its affordable luxury vehicles. Because of the success, they launched a new line of cars that all featured a V6 engine – the VQ series. These cars were known for their “optimal power, torque, and fuel consumption,” landing them a spot among the top luxury vehicles on the market. In fact, the VQ series was ranked as “one of the Ward’s 10 Best Engines for the next 14 years.”

A new millennium brought more new features for Infiniti vehicles. By 2004, they had added voice recognition (2001), rear-view monitors (2002), and lane departure warning (2004) to all new vehicles. In 2003, they received more accolades for their vehicles, including the G35 Sport Sedan and Sport Coupe being ranked as some of Car and Driver’s Ten Best Cars.

Infiniti Racing

Since then, Infiniti has continuously added new safety features such as their Blind Spot Intervention, the first of its kind in the world. It was introduced in 2010. It helps drivers see another vehicle when they are approaching in another lane. The feature can even apply the breaks when needed.

From then until the present, they have gotten involved in the race scene, creating a team and vehicles, launching their own Engineering Academy, and introducing even more technological features to their new models. With each step of the way, they create new and innovative ways to set them apart from other luxury car brands.

The Logo

Infiniti logo history

The Infiniti logo was developed in 1987, shortly before the company’s official launch. It was created to look like the letter I, but a more elegant and enchanting version. There have been no changes to the Infiniti logo since it was created, although customers may see the name of the company printed in bold betters underneath the unique “I” symbol on some marketing materials. However, on vehicles, only the symbol is present.


Although Infiniti may not see as high of sales as other luxury brand companies, they still excel in the sales realm. According to CarSalesBase, the company’s sales in the United States went from 30% in 2010 to 71.5% in 2019. This significant growth percentage shows that they are a hit with their customers. According to CarSalesBase, the company has sold almost 2.5 million cars since 2000. The company’s sales decreased a bit in 2020 due to the pandemic and continue to decrease since, but will undoubtedly take an uphill turn in 2022.

Many Different Models

Infiniti has a wide selection of vehicles available for purchase.

Here’s a list of the ones currently available:


Avg Asking Price



Used: $18,777

New: $38,590

The QX60 is a four-door SUV that features 295 horsepower, 270 lb. ft. torque, and can get up to 23 MPG combined city/highway.

Used: $43,993

New: $57,527

The QX55 is a four-door compact SUV that features 268 horsepower, 280 lb. ft. torque, and can get up to 25 MPG combined city/highway. 

Used: $27,600

New: $55,590

The QX80 can seat up to eight spacious, so its main feature is the spacious interiors. It also features 400 horsepower, 413 lb. per ft. torque, and can tow up to 8500 lbs.

Used: $16,499

New: $42,990

The QX50 is a vehicle that upholds the philosophy “Luxury Should Be Lived In.” It features 268 horsepower, 280 lb. ft. torque, and can get up to 26MPG combined city/highway.

Used: $20,000

New: $34,590

The Q50 is a sleek sedan that features up to 400 horsepower, can get up to 26 MPG on the highway, and up to 350 lb. ft. torque.

Used: $32,590

New: $55,899

The Q60 has “a race-inspired front facade and aerodynamic finishes.” It features up to 400 horsepower, up to 350 lb ft. torque, and can get up to 28 MPG combined city/highway.

Most Popular Model

For 2021, the most popular model for the company is the Infiniti QX60.

The other most popular model is the Infiniti QX50. The car was first introduced to the American market in 2007 and was an immediate success. It has two different generations, with the second being introduced in 2019. Its long history of demonstrated high sales shows that Infiniti has created a vehicle that will be around to last for a long time. It rivals other luxury auto manufacturers like Audi, Lexus, and more.

However, the Q50 mid-size sedan is a close second. The Q50 is the best-selling sedan in the United States.

Geographic Popularity

Since Infiniti is technically a Japanese company, a majority of its cars are made in Japan and imported to the United States. However, the QX60 is made in Smyrna, TN, and the QX50 crossover is made in an Infiniti/Mercedes-Benz factory in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Infiniti cars are sold across the globe, despite being manufactured in North America and Asia. The Infiniti Europe Headquarters are located in Switzerland.


Because they are owned and operated by Nissan, Infiniti follows many of its parent company’s values. They focus on enhancing environmental sustainability, community engagement, traffic safety, diversity and inclusion, quality, the supply chain, and corporate governance.

Their website states part of their mission is: “Building on our company DNA and our purpose of driving innovation to enrich people’s lives, our goal is to empower mobility and to create social value for all stakeholders through our longstanding commitment to innovation and our outstanding technological expertise,”

“When we bring together our ESG approach with our unique Nissan mindset, we empower journeys for our customers and for wider society. In doing so, we will create a cleaner world where mobility is completely electrified, a safer world where people taking journeys are protected by innovative technologies, and an inclusive world where people are engaged, healthy and happy.”


Infiniti has some of the top safety features on the market. All new models feature a large screen that helps drivers navigate and access upgraded tech features. Some more of their safety features are:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Blind Spot Warning and Intervention
  • 360 Degree Camera
  • Backup Collision Intervention
  • Forward Emergency Braking

All new models are also equipped with Intelligent Key, which helps drivers be able to move seats, open the trunk, and more without much manual intervention.

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