Honda Civic, Outstanding Fuel Efficiency, Sporty Design, and State-of-the-art safety Features!

Honda Civic, the sixth best-selling car of all time, is the perfect match for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a budget-minded person or a die-hard car enthusiast, Honda Civic is all set to surprise you with its amazing features.

Over the 50 years, Honda Civic has successfully satisfied its users with its immaculate performance. Honda Civic has established an amazing reputation as a valuable, affordable, and dependable vehicle in the US auto industry. If you have a Honda Civic, we’ll buy it for cash today and pay top dollar.

Honda Civic – Different Body Styles

Honda Civic is available in three different body styles known as

  • Coupe
  • Sedan
  • Hatchback

Honda Civic Coupe

Honda Civic Coupe is an ideal choice for those who travel solo and prefer having a sportier look in their car. This body style provides more space to the front passengers as compared to the Sedan.

Honda Civic Sedan

This body style is recommended for those who often travel with backseat passengers as it provides enough headroom and legroom to the backseat passengers.

Honda Civic Hatchback

Honda Civic Hatchback is the perfect choice for those who’re looking for a car that can provide SUV-like cargo space. The cargo room is around 22.6 cubic feet when the back seat is up. The cargo room can be expanded up to 46.2 cubic feet when the backseat is down.

Honda Civic Available Trim Levels

Depending on your personal choices, you can choose between five different trim levels of civic known as

  • LX
  • Sport
  • EX
  • EX-L
  • Touring

Honda Civic LX (Starting from $21,700)

Honda Civic LX is the base model equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that can produce 158-hp. The 16-inch steel wheels add a stunning look to the car. It’s an ideal choice for those looking for a stylish car with basic interior equipment. A 5-inch LCD screen, projector-beam halogen headlights, 160-watt audio system, and multi-angle rearview camera are some of the prominent features of this variant.

Honda Civic Sport (Starting from $23,050)

Honda Civic Sport doesn’t only have a stylish look but it comes with an amazing interior. The 18-in alloy wheels look perfect with an overall sporty design. This particular variant is best known for its sport combination seats, smart entry & push-button start, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and black decklid spoiler. With a range of other amazing features, it provides a smooth and comfortable ride in the city and on Highway.

Honda Civic EX (Starting from $24,700)

Honda Civic Ex is one of the most popular choices for civic lovers. It comes with a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 174-hp. With an improved interior, it provides some advanced tech features you won’t find in the base model.

This variant is best known for its one-touch power moonroof, heated side mirrors, rear-seat center armrest, Heated Front Seats, and Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Moreover, it comes with 16-in alloy wheels and a body-colored decklid spoiler that add a fantastic look to the vehicle.

Honda Civic EX-L (Starting from $27,000)

Honda Civic EX-L comes with all the amazing features of Honda Civic EX. The only difference is that Leather-Trimmed Seats, HomeLink Remote System, and Automatic Dimming Rear View Mirror. Thus, it adds more fun and comfort to your everyday rides.

Honda Civic Touring (Starting from $29,000)

Honda Civic Touring is the top-of-the-line variant of the latest generation civic. Along with all the amazing features of the Civic EX-L, it provides heated rear seats, an advanced navigation system, modern LED headlights, and an outstanding sound system.

This variant looks amazing with its chrome door handles and 18-inch alloy wheels. Honda Civic Touring is a perfect package of comfort and leisure that offers tons of amazing features including Rain-sensing windshield wipers, four-way power front passenger’s seat, heated outboard rear seats, and a 450-watt premium audio system.

What Trim Levels are Available in Each Body Style?

Trim Level LX Sport EX EX-L Touring
Honda Civic Coupe Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Honda Civic Sedan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Honda Civic Hatchback Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Engine and Performance

Honda Civic is best known for its excellent fuel efficiency. It’s one of the major reasons why Civic has maintained its reputation as the best-selling sedan over the years.

The base models, Civic LX and Civic Sport come with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 158 horsepower.

The premium trim levels, Civic EX, Civic EX-L, and Civic Touring come with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that can produce 174 horsepower. Now, Civic only comes with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).

However, if you’re looking for a manual transmission, you can consider choosing a hatchback as it’s a six-speed manual car.

Trim Level Estimated EPA in City Estimated EPA on Highway
Honda Civic LX 30 mpg 38 mpg
Honda Civic Sport 29 mpg 37 mpg
Honda Civic EX 32 mpg 42 mpg
Honda Civic EX-L 32 mpg 42 mpg
Honda Civic Touring 30 mpg 38 mpg

Honda Civic Safety Features

Honda ensures the safety of your loved ones with its top-quality safety features:

Honda Sensing Technologies

  • Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)
  • Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM)
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Driver Assist Technology

  • Auto High-Beam Headlights

Auto Safety

  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)
  • Multi-Angle Rearview Camera
  • LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
  • Brake Assist
  • Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control

Audio and Connectivity

Enjoy a fantastic ride with Honda Civic’s amazing tech and entertainment options:

  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Bluetooth HandsFreeLink
  • Speed-Sensitive Volume Compensation (SVC)
  • Bluetooth Streaming Audio
  • HondaLink

Honda Civic Color Options

You can choose between 8 different colors of Honda Civic:

  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Modern Steel Metallic
  • Aegean Blue Metallic
  • Platinum White Pearl
  • Cosmic Blue Metallic
  • Lunar Silver Metallic
  • Rallye Red
  • Molten Lave Pearl

Brief History of Honda Civic

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that Honda Civic was the first car that truly established Honda’s reputation as a car manufacturer in the US. Honda already had a great reputation as a motorcycle manufacturer but they entered the car manufacturing industry in 1963 when they introduced the tiny N600 in the US.

This model of Honda couldn’t attract enough audience outside of the West Coast. The company was so depressed by its performance that it even started thinking of shutting down its operations. But at this time, Honda Civic appeared as a savior and protected the company from drowning.

The first-generation Civic debuted in the US in 1973 when the oil crisis was at its peak and the government was working on implementing strict safety and emission regulations.

With its ability to run on regular or unleaded gas, Civic attracted a huge audience in the US. The first-generation Civic was introduced in two variants including a station wagon and a three/five-door hatch.

In 1989, Honda introduced Civic Si and CRX to compete with the other participants. These models proved to be a huge success over the years because they had a lightweight and free-revving engine. However, Honda has recently decided to discontinue Civic Si because its sales have significantly declined over the years.

In 2020, the Civic became the sixth best-selling car of all time as Honda had sold around 18 million units of this car by then.

Evolution of Honda Civic

Honda Civic Evolution

Since 1973, Honda has made innovative changes to Honda Civic to provide an extraordinary experience to its users. So far, ten generations of Honda Civic are launched in the US market. And the company has now announced to launch the Eleventh Generation Civic over the new few months. Let’s take a look at how Civic has evolved over the years.

First Generation (1973-1979)
Honda Civic - first generation

Honda Civic was launched in the US in 1973 and it instantly became popular because the oil crisis was at its peak and the Americans were looking for fuel-efficient cars instead of muscle cars. The 1975 EPA standards also contributed to the popularity of civic.

Second Generation (1980-1983)
Honda Civic - second generation

The second generation Civic was launched with a four-door sedan body style. This time company launched the FE and sport S variant with the standard variant. Sport S variant was later introduced as Civic Si.

Third Generation (1984-1987)

Honda Civic - third generation

The third generation Civic came up with a new body style Civic CRX that had only two seats. This time Honda made its vehicles sportier while still maintaining fuel efficiency. Honda Civic Si was also introduced during this time that became an attraction for performance enthusiasts.

Fourth Generation (1988-1991)

Honda Civic - fourth generation

Fourth Generation Civic came with double-wishbone suspensions on the front and the back. It was the last generation of the Civic CRX model. However, the fourth-generation Civic won the hearts of tuners who like to modify the vehicles according to their styles.

Fifth Generation (1992-1995)

Honda Civic - fifth generation

Fifth Generation Honda Civic was launched with Standard Side Air Bags. And the company also introduced the Anti-Lock Braking System in some variants. The Del Sol Model appeared as a replacement for CRX and a four-seat, two-door coupe was also included in this generation.

The coupe was given the appearance of a convertible with a removable roof and a lowered rear window. Furthermore, Honda started using the VTEC variable valve timing engines in this generation.

Sixth Generation (1996-2000)

Honda Civic - sixth generation

This generation of Honda Civic was launched with a natural gas-powered engine that significantly increased its fuel efficiency compared to the previous generations.

Seventh Generation (2001-2005)

Honda Civic - seventh generation

Honda Civic emerged with a more dramatic redesign. The Civic’s interior was made much more spacious by replacing the McPherson Struts with double-wishbone front suspension. Thus, Honda Civic became the Compact Class Car. Honda Civic Hybrid was also launched during this time which shows how eagerly Honda was concerned about fuel efficiency.

Eighth Generation (2006-2011)

Honda Civic - eigth generatio

The Eighth Generation Civic was launched with some remarkable changes inside and out. Sedan and Coupe came with an aerodynamic and futuristic look. This was the time when the Honda Civic was declared the Motor Trend “Car of the Year” and “North American Car of the Year” in 2006.

Ninth Generation (2012-2015)

Honda Civic - ninth generation

This generation came with some new features including a rearview camera, Bluetooth, and Pandora internet radio. It ultimately boosted Civic’s popularity because these features weren’t used in a compact car before. This generation offered excellent fuel ratings at up to 31 mpg within the city and 41 mpg on highways. These units are the top priority for those who’re looking for a used Honda Civic in the United States.

Tenth Generation (2016-Present)

Honda Civic - tenth generation

Honda launched the turbocharged engines in this new generation of Civic. Moreover, they added Honda Sensing Safety Suite in all variants of the Civic. The advanced generations of Honda Civic R and Honda Civic Si were also introduced during this era.

Eleventh Generation (2022-Onwards)

Honda Civic - eleventh generation

Eleventh Generation Civic is going to be launched with a 1.4-inch longer wheelbase so it may provide better comfort to the users. It’s going to be a bit bigger than the previous generation. Honda is planning to launch three different variants of Civic including Sedan, Type, Si, and Hatchback.

Honda Civic Sales Figures

Honda Civic was declared the sixth best-selling car in 2020 when the company achieved a milestone of selling 18 million units. Here’s a year-by-year breakdown of Honda Civic sales conducted within the United States since 1973:

Year Units Sold
1973 32,575
1974 43,119
1975 102,389
1976 132,286
1977 147,638
1978 154,035
1979 155,541
1980 138,740
1981 154,698
1982 132,469
1983 137,747
1984 136,401
1985 150,545
1986 169,172
1987 173,110
1988 173,759
1989 196,404
1990 220,852
1991 205,715
1992 219,228
1993 255,579
1994 267,023
1995 289,435
1996 278,562
1997 315,546
1998 334,562
1999 318,308
2000 324,528
2001 331,780
2002 313,159
2003 299,672
2004 309,196
2005 308,415
2006 316,638
2007 331,095
2008 339,289
2009 259,722
2010 260,218
2011 221,235
2012 317,909
2013 336,180
2014 325,981
2015 335,384
2016 366,927
2017 377,286
2018 325,760
2019 325,650
2020 261,225
2021 263,787

Cost of New and Used Honda Civic in the US

A new Honda Civic may cost around $21,000 to $30,000 depending on the trim level you’re choosing. We’ve already mentioned the starting prices of different trim levels that are available in the market.

Depending on factors like model year, vehicle’s history, and overall condition, a used Honda Civic may cost around $5,000 to $35,000. The price of a modified Honda Civic is mostly higher than the standard car.

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