How to Find the Price of Used a Car?
Written by : Ray Pierce
Last Updated: 11/20/2023

How to Find the Price of a Used Car?

How to Find the Price of Used Car

Wondering what the best invention is till now? Undoubtedly car will be the first thing that pops into your mind. A car is designed for traveling and for the ease of people to move from one place to another. As technology is being upgraded almost within a year, the model and shape of a car are also upgraded every year so that it can move together with the expansion of technology. People tend to change the model for which they have to sell the old car they had. These used cars are also demandable if people find them in the desired condition.

For selling these used vehicles, a price (usually less than its actual/initial value) shall be asked. A certified pre owned vehicle is much more demandable; people usually don’t know how to deal with them and know their actual price. Some people get confused about finding the proper car within their budget, and some just add vague price tags to earn money. To avoid these scams, fasten your seat belt to enjoy a ride through the knowledge of finding the price of used cars.

Car Value Estimators and Pricing Guide

The best value of the car is estimated by determining the condition. A well-conditioned car has more value. For selling a used car, the main thing you have to do is prepare a suitable budget for you. Within this suitable budget, you have to check whether the price is reasonable. If the price is affordable, then the buyers would love to buy. If the documentation is perfect and the car’s service history is well-done, the car’s value will automatically increase. The tool kit and the spare wheel also play a significant role and may increase the desired value. Lastly, if the car is fresh and tidy, the price will be estimated more.

Its a plus point for the sellers who sell the car within 2-3 years after buying, as the depreciation rate would be less. Hence, the rate of loss would be less. Using the car less also keeps the mileage low, which adds better value to the price. The resale value is affected in many ways, from the model of the car to the total kilometers driven, and the overall external and internal condition of the vehicle plays a key role in the resale value. Usually, the price of the car decreases by 20% of the initial value in the first year. Therefore, the sellers would be benefited if they went to price advisors like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds.

Car Value Estimators for car prices

Types of Car Values

What are car values? How to find the value of your car? Or how can you trade the car? Car enthusiasts most frequently ask these questions. There are many types of car values, some of which are listed below. The listed items would help you to understand and get a proper deal!

Trade-in value

Car trade-in is a fun and enjoyable work mainly for traders. Trade-in value is basically the value the dealer asks to exchange the old car for a new one by giving some extra money. In easy words, it’s exchanging your old car for a new one of your choice. Here, the price of your old car will be deducted from the price of the new car, so you have to pay the amount asked after the deduction. The trade-in value might be less than the market value, which can be a problem for the sellers. But trade-in value can be helpful as the dealers have to do the maximum work, and the sellers can rely on trusted dealers. This value depends on the car’s age, mileage, service history, and internal engine condition.

Private resale value

If you want to sell your car yourself, then the private resale value would help you get your expected amount. Here, you will sell your car to anyone rather than a dealer, for which you don’t have to do or pay anything extra. As a result, this private party value is a bit more than the trade-in value. Here, the advertisement and everything will be done by you, so then you’re expected to get the desired amount after negotiations. The value mainly depends on the condition and demand of the seller and buyer, for which the price will be between the current market value and the wholesale value.

Dealer resale value

It’s quite different from the trade-in value. Here, you sell the car to a dealership rather than exchange it for a new car. The amount or price of the car may be less from the trade-in and private resale. Here, the car dealers look for how fresh the car and its condition are. If the car is in good condition and the documents are all renewed, then the price will be a bit higher, but if the condition is poor and the car is also old, then the price will be lower. For this, known dealerships would be really helpful rather than roaming around to find a better dealer.

Damaged Car Value

If you have a car that doesn’t run or drive, or has damage, then typical avenues to get a value such as the above mentioned ones won’t be a good place. This is where online cash for cars companies can offer values for your car. Within a few minutes, they can get you a price on your car. They make the process easy as they come to you to pick-up the car and pay you on the spot.

Information You’ll Need to Estimate Your Car’s Value

Want to sell your car? But dont have enough idea on how to calculate the price? Heres how you can estimate the value of your car. Some websites can help you to calculate the value. You are just required to answer their questions, and then Congrats! You get the expected value of your car. The value of your car depends on many factors, which are also mentioned above. The factors are model, color, age, condition, tax clearance, mileage, etc. The estimators will ask you to enter the authentic and relevant details here. Then after a few calculations, the price or value of your car will be provided. All you need is to be careful and aware while giving the information to get the actual value.

Kelley Blue Book price vs. Edmunds

Both Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book are car value estimator. They both started their journey in the 20th century.

For calculating the car value, Edmunds has a special tool known as the Car value appraisal tool,’ which tells you the current worth of your car. The Edmunds looks for five categories according to the condition while calculating the price. The categories are as follows: Outstanding, Clean, Average, Rough, and Damaged so that it can be easier for the buyers/sellers to know the worth of the particular car.

Now, lets come to Kelley Blue Book. Kelley Blue Book uses some intelligence resources to find the price of the car: Economic condition in the market, price fluctuation seasonally, The information about the car such as condition, mileage, car age, features, etc. All this information is used by Kelley Blue Book intelligence to find the desired and authentic price.

Car buyers can check out KBB or Edmunds

Free Dealer Price Quote

A price quote is something where you can save money. Saving money puts you in control to refrain from it. Price quotes or car incentives help you to make deals from your home. It helps you to identify genuine and desired dealers whom you can trust. Only the dealer may call you here to get more information about the deal. These price quotes help sellers by helping them find the best three dealers rather than roaming around and wasting time searching for a trusted dealer. Time-saving and money saving is the key to this free dealer price quote as this is free of charge. The dealer later uses information such as car insurance and the overall condition of the car and then uses the price offered on the internet to sell the car.

Free price quote from car dealerships

Final Verdict

It has been difficult for people to find the actual price while selling a used car. Many people weren’t aware of the car’s condition and gave a vague price for which many people were scammed. But everything is changing. Many new things are being introduced. The introduction to price estimators such as Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds have helped people not only with the price but also helped them to have an idea of conditions and other information about the car.

Nowadays, it’s easier for people to find more cars on websites and all the information required about the cars on the particular website, which means that it can help buyers and sellers find a desired deal. Therefore, with the expansion of technology, deals with cars have been easier and more helpful for people.

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Written by : Ray Pierce

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