Fiat is a company with a long, established history within the automotive industry. They are one of the longest-running auto manufacturers in the world and own several companies across the globe. Keep reading to learn more about them, their history, what vehicles they have for purchase, and more.

How the Company Got Started

Fiat Old CarIn 1899, Fiat: Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (the Italian Automobile Company Turin) was born. The company wanted to offer “democratic mobility” to Italy, so they started out creating cars like the Fiat 3 ½ HP. By 1903, the company had already shown success – so much so that they were listed on the Italian stock market. After this, the company took seven years to create a new line of vehicles that ranged in engine capacity. This model was called the Tipo (pictured to the right). Their main focus behind the line was to make a model that was affordable and accessible to a wide range of people, rather than limiting their audience.

Like many automobile companies during this time, Fiat became involved with the racing scene. From 1901-1924, the company produced racing vehicles like the 8 HP, S61, and SB4 Eldridge that won several races such as the notable Grand Prix of America.

By 1912, the company had expanded their line to include the Zero, which was one of the most successful vehicles of their time. The company continued to embody their philosophy of providing accessible and affordable vehicles to the public by creating the Zero, along with other models like the Balilla (1932) and the 500 A Topolino (1936).

Fiat Old Car 2

Fiat began to produce vehicles in Europe’s oldest car manufacturing plant, the Mirafiori in 1939. After this happened, their productivity skyrocketed. They also began to dabble in manufacturing agricultural vehicles with off-road capability in the 1950s, starting with the Campagnola. In 1955, they created the Fiat 500 – perhaps the most iconic Fiat car of all time. By the late 70s, they had created another one of the most popular vehicles of all time, the Ritmo.

After launching the New Fiat 500 in 2007, the company known for making small, compact videos began to make larger versions of it to be more accessible to families. In 2019, the company celebrated their 120 year anniversary.

The Logo

The Fiat logo has undergone significant change in its 122 year history. Starting out as a shiny gold plated look with scripted font, the logo did not evolve into the circular one that we are most familiar with until the early 1920s. However, it didn’t last long. By 1931, it had changed color completely to a red elongated square. However, in 1972, the company changed the color scheme again to blue and silver. They returned to their roots in 2006 by combining the popular circle logo and the red color scheme. Simultaneously, another logo (elongated red letters that spell out the company name) can be found on some marketing materials.

Fiat Logo History


Although Fiat was introduced to the American market in the early twentieth century, they were removed due to lack of sales. Vehicles were reintroduced to the U.S. in 2008, with sales skyrocketing. However, since then, sales have been on a steady decline. According to CarSalesBase, they have sold 286,975 vehicles since 2011.

Fiat Sales

Many Different Models

Fiat has a selection of vehicles available for purchase. Here’s a list of what’s currently available:


Avg Asking Price



Used: $

New: $27,300

The Fiat 500X is currently the only model available in the United States. It features a small, compact look with spacious interiors. It also can get up to 30 HWY MPG, 210 LB-FT of torque, and up to 381 mile highway range. The 500X also comes in several different variations, each with their own unique features:

●      500X POP Techy Traveler

●      500X TREKKING Charming Commuter

●      500X SPORT Sporty Socialite

500X TREKKING PLUS King of the Road

Although there is only one model available in the United States currently, the following Fiat vehicles are available around the globe:

  • E-Ulysse
  • Tipo Hybrid
  • 500X Hybrid
  • (FIAT) Red Family
  • (500) Red
  • (Panda) Red

Most Popular Model

The most popular model for the U.S. is the 500 minicar. It is also one of Fiat’s most iconic vehicles.

Geographic Popularity

Fiat has a global presence and is most popular in Italy and Brazil. According to Fiat Group World, these two markets made up over 50% of the company’s total sales.

Although Fiat has decreased in popularity since 2011 in the American market, the cars are still as recognizable as ever. This could be because more used Fiat vehicles are being sought after, rather than new ones.

Fiat makes their vehicles all across the world. They have factories in Toluca, Mexico, Melfi, Italy, and Hiroshima, Japan.


Because Fiat is under the Fiat Chrysler Group, they follow the sustainability efforts of the main company. As of 2019, they have done the following:

  • Shipped 4.4 million vehicles worldwide
  • Emitted 27% less CO2 at their plants
  • Generated 64% less waste at their plants
  • Saved 2.2 billion cubic meters of water through recycling at their plants
  • Implemented 5,600 new environmental projects at plants on a global scale
  • Employees volunteered 62,000+ hours across the globe


Safety is another important value to Fiat. For the Fiat 500X, the only model available in the U.S. currently, there are over 75 safety and security features that drivers can take advantage of. Some examples are:

  • Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking that warns drivers if there is a potential forward collision, no matter the severity. There are visual and audio cues, even having the potential to stop the car entirely if the driver does not respond to the threat.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path Detection that lets drivers know if another vehicle pops up in one of the blind spots in both the front and the back of the car.
  • Parkview Rear Backup Camera that shows a “wide-angle video image” behind the vehicle. It can even show things that are not visible from easy viewing points such as the rear view mirror or the side mirrors.
  • LaneSense Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist that alerts the driver when the vehicle descends into another lane.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control that uses sensors to see if objects are in the road that could obstruct the vehicle’s path. It can even detect slow traffic and adjust the car’s speed and braking system accordingly.
  • Steel Safety Frame and Seven Airbags, which include “multistage front airbags, a driver’s knee bolster airbag, full length side-curtain airbags, and front seat mounted pelvic thoracic side airbags.”

The Fiat 500X 2021 model had mixed reviews from the IIHS. The roof strength was rated as “good”, but the headlights were rated as “poor.” Their additional safety features were given an advanced rating, which means that they are higher quality than the average features found on other models and vehicles.

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