Dodge Challenger, Powerful & Melodic V8 Engines, Spacious Interior, and Rocket-like Acceleration!

The Dodge Challenger is a masterpiece that stands out among others with its unbeatable range of engines. Its rear seat is surprisingly spacious as compared to other sports cars. Furthermore, it provides plenty of trunk space in its class. If you’re looking for a fast and practical sports car, the Dodge Challenger can perfectly accommodate your needs. If you have a Dodge Challenger, we’ll buy it for cash today and pay top dollar.

Sell your Dodge Challenger for Cash in the USA

If you’re interested in selling your Dodge Challenger at an attractive price, we’d be pleased enough to make an offer. We’ve purchased hundreds of Dodge Challenger units over the years because it provides swift acceleration with a powerful and melodic engine. Feel free to fill out our online form or give us a call to get the best quote for your Dodge Challenger today!

How Much Will You Pay for My Dodge Challenger?

There are several factors that affect how much we’ll pay for your Dodge Challenger. Some factors include:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Title type
  • Trim level
  • etc

Feel free to fill out our online form or give us a call to get a quote on your Dodge Challenger today!
Please see the recent Dodge Challenger we’ve purchased below.

Dodge Challenger Brief History

Dodge Challenger history

The Challenger nameplate was initially used for the value version of the full-sized Coronet Silver Challenger in 1959. The nameplate was later used for two pony cars in 1970 that were built on the Chrysler E Platform. This new version shared most of its components with Plymouth Barracuda.

The company has planned to introduce the final version of the Dodge Challenger in 2023 because the company is now focused on manufacturing electric vehicles instead of gasoline-powered vehicles.

Awards & Recognition

The Dodge Challenger has won multiple awards for its extraordinary performance.

  • Prestigious Ideal Vehicle Award in 2018
  • Pure Power Award in 2020
  • InMoment eNVy Award in 2022
  • IIHS Top Safety Pick+

Dodge Challenger Sales Figures

Here’s a year-by-year overview of Dodge Challenger sales conducted within the United States.

Year Dodge Challenger Units Sold
2008 17,423
2009 25,852
2010 36,791
2011 39,534
2012 46,788
2013 51,462
2014 51,611
2015 66,365
2016 64,478
2017 64,537
2018 66,716
2019 60,997
2020 52,955
2021 54,315
2022 11,125

What’s the Price of New and Used Dodge Challenger in the USA?

A new Dodge Challenger may cost around $30,825-$98,900 depending on the trim and package you’re choosing. A used Dodge Challenger may cost around $8,600-$88,900 depending on the model year, the vehicle’s overall condition, and other factors.

Recent Dodge Challenger Purchases

Year Make Model Trim Mileage Start & Drive? Any Damage or Issues? City State Purchase Price Purchase Date
2009 Dodge Challenger Base 151,000 Yes, it starts and drives Front End Damage Cleveland OH $1,495 12/30/2023
2011 Dodge Challenger Base 165,000 Yes, it starts and drives Front End Damage Damage MANSFIELD TX $1,907 12/29/2023
2010 Dodge Challenger SE 180,000 No, it doesn't start Mechanical Problems CASTLE ROCK CO $1,233 12/13/2023
2016 Dodge Challenger SXT 132,000 No, it doesn't start Mechanical Problems Lincoln Acres CA $5,843 12/6/2023
2012 Dodge Challenger SXT 150,000 Yes, it starts and drives Front End Damage Damage FORT WORTH TX $2,065 12/3/2023
2015 Dodge Challenger SXT 190,000 No, it doesn't start Front End Damage Boiling Springs SC $1,495 12/3/2023
2013 Dodge Challenger SXT 180,057 Yes, it starts and drives Side Damage New Orleans LA $1,972 11/29/2023
2009 Dodge Challenger SE 128,000 No, it starts but doesn't drive Mechanical Problems Columbus OH $1,175 11/24/2023
2014 Dodge Challenger SXT 170,000 No, it doesn't start Vandalism Fairfield CA $2,875 11/23/2023
2011 Dodge Challenger Base 174,000 No, it doesn't start Mechanical Problems Fort Worth TX $1,139 11/15/2023
2010 Dodge Challenger SE 197,000 Yes, it starts and drives Front End Damage Damage GRAHAM NC $1,415 11/12/2023
2011 Dodge Challenger Base 185,000 No, it doesn't start Stripped Vehicle DRACUT MA $978 11/12/2023