Dealers’ Price on Used Car Can Drop How Much?

Dealers' Price on Used Car Can Drop How Much.

Buying a new car in this economy is not a good idea, especially for those people who have a limited income. So, you should go for a used car to save money and get the car of your dreams. Purchasing a used car may seem like a lot of work, but if done with proper preparation, followed by some tricks and tips, you can certainly buy a car that fits your budget and requirements.

Among the other questions, you must be wondering dealers’ prices on a used car can drop how much. There is no easy answer to this question. There are a lot of factors that determine this question altogether. Despite the challenges, you can successfully buy a used car at a much lower price than the car’s original price. By doing your research thoroughly, you can get a better position to negotiate the car.

How Much Can You Negotiate off a Used Car?

First, you need to have a fair idea of the current pricing situation of used cars. Then you can decide how much you can spend on your car according to your budget. You can start the negotiation process by making an offer that is both realistic and within your budget.

According to the experts, you should offer a price that is fifteen to twenty-five percent lower than the actual price you can afford to pay. By making an offer, you can start the negotiation process and that gives you more room to negotiate. Don’t set a higher expectation because most of the car dealers will try to haggle you down and will make you lower the asking price by at least five percent.

How Much Do Dealers Charge for a Used Vehicle?

When you are buying a car from a car dealership, the main purpose of the car dealership at that moment is to make the maximum amount of profit. Although the markup that is usually charged for a used car varies from dealer to dealer, you can expect the price to be ranged between twenty-five to forty-five percent.

The markup value of a used car varies a lot.

How Do You Ask A Car Dealer To Reduce Car Prices?

There are a lot of ways you can use to get the car dealer to reduce the car price. Some of the tricks are discussed below.

Using Mileage

One of the best ways to get the dealer to reduce the car price is to use the car’s mileage as leverage. This is one of the best ways that you help you negotiate a used car. If a car has higher mileage, you are more likely to get the car at a lower price.

Mileage is the only key where a used car actually differs from a new one. So, use this point wisely to bring down the value of the car. Feel free to check out How to Determine Good Mileage on A Used Car for more assistance.

Find Out if the Car Has Any Defaults

When you are buying a used car, make sure you check out its detailed vehicle history report. Look out for any dents, worn-out tires, chips, or any other technical faults. Find out if the car has been in any major accidents. Besides, look out for an incomplete servicing history.

If you successfully find any of the following issues, feel free to negotiate more for a better deal based on the issue detected and its intensity of it. The car dealer will either fix the issues by repairing the dents or chips or will offer you the car at a lower price than the original asking price. But don’t let these issues prevent you from purchasing the vehicle that you choose.

Don’t Reveal Your Budget

When you start the negotiation process, be mindful of what you are saying in front of the car dealer. You should never reveal your top price to the car dealer by any chance. The car dealers are very skilled in the negotiation process, and they will try to haggle you down by any means and they will surely try to get out the numbers from you. Don’t fall into the trap. Be confident and stay polite and respectful all the way through the entire process.

Compare Different Car Prices Among Local Car Dealers

You must do proper market research while purchasing cars, especially used cars. You need to know the sticker price and market value of the car you are willing to buy and offer a fair price to the car dealer. You need to have a good knowledge of different car dealers in your area. That will make the car purchase easier for you.

Offer Paying Cash for Further Discount

You can negotiate a lot better if you are willing to pay the whole amount in cash. Don’t fall into the trap of monthly payments and auto loans. Most car buyers make this mistake. Let the dealers know that you want to pay cash and you want a further discount on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. You can also offer trade-in to get a car with less hassle.

You should offer to pay cash to get more discounts.

Things to Think About While Negotiating For A Used Car Price

If you are planning to buy a new car, there are a couple of things you should consider to make the negotiation process smoother and to get a good deal. Some of those are mentioned as follows.

Vehicle History Report

One of the most things about purchasing a car is its vehicle history report. It contains all the necessary information related to the car. A Vehicle history report usually includes the number of owners, vehicle servicing history, usage, and mileage, and the number of accidents it has been in. If you don’t want to end up with a faulty car, you must check out the vehicle history report thoroughly.

Car’s Current Status

It’s crucial to check for the car’s current condition based on mileage and usage. If the car has been used for a long time, but the owner has taken proper care of the car then it’s good to go.

Type of Car

There are some models which are more expensive than others. Due to the limited amount of car supply and the high demand for used cars, the price of the same car varies a lot. You need to find a balance between the car you want to purchase and the car you actually can afford.

Valuation of the Used Car

It’s very natural to say that valuation will play an important role when purchasing new cars. You need to calculate the depreciation of the car. It’s a simple calculation that is done based on the mileage. You will need to divide the depreciation of the used car by ten years. You can use online tools such as Instant Used Car Value And Trade In Value to get a proper valuation of the used car.

Depreciation plays an important role in car valuation.

Credit Score

It should be noted that your credit score also has some effects on your car purchase negotiation process. You can take help from a bank or credit union to help you in this regard. Besides, if you are planning to go with a monthly payment scheme or auto loan, a credit score would be very important for you.

How To Know If You Have A Good Deal or Not

The more you know about cars and car prices, the more you will be confident about making a car dealership, and the less you will be worried that dealers’ prices on a used car can drop how much. You need to do your homework properly. And thanks to the internet, it has become easier than ever. But you will have to remember that prices differ greatly based on the location, model, and condition of the car.

What To Do If The Car Dealer Doesn’t Want to Negotiate

If you find out that the car dealer is very rigid and is not open to negotiation, then what to do? Then the first thing you should do is to think how much you want that specific car. Do you actually want that car, or do you want something in that model? After you decide, you can explore other car dealers. You need to remember that there are many other dealers out there who are willing you offer a better deal.

Check out How to Negotiate Car Prices to get a fair idea of car negotiation. You need to fix a budget before starting the process. If the deal falls into your budget, there is no reason for you to leave the deal. But feel free to walk away if you don’t feel comfortable with the negotiation process.


In most cases, dealers may drop the price on a used car by 5%. If you are still swamped with the question that dealers’ prices on a used car can drop how much, you should take help from the experts.  You must master the art of negotiation before entering the negotiation process. Make sure to check the vehicle’s history report, mileage, and age. Compare the different prices of different car dealerships and always try to buy from the most reliable and trustable car dealer.

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