Known for revolutionizing the Detroit motor industry, Chrysler has been a long-standing community cultural staple to both the local community and the United States as a whole. Keep reading to find out more about their history, current models available, and more!

How the Company Got Started

Walter P. Chrysler formed the Chrysler brand in 1925 when his former business, the Maxwell Motor Corporation, began to fail. Within the first three years of business, Chrysler had manufactured several cars, began producing body supplies for cars, and created two smaller brands underneath their parent company – Plymouth and DeSoto. It was clear to everyone that Chrysler was becoming an immediate success. By 1934, the company had created Airflow models, which were known for their aerodynamic properties. They were also a part of the development of the car industry’s first wind tunnel used for testing these sorts of cars. However, the company did not see the desired results from these models – causing a downward spiral of sales.

Chrysler played a large role in the second world war, creating many of the vehicles and mechanical equipment used during combat. During this time, they did not produce any new models. Once the war was over, they resumed mass production. By 1960, they were contributing to the muscle car market by creating models such as the Plymouth Barracuda, Plymouth Road Runner, and Dodge Charger. They began to be known as one of the “Big Three” brands, along with Ford and General Motors.

Despite their success in niche markets, Chrysler has experienced some financial trouble throughout the years – especially during the 1970s. However, despite their setbacks, they created unique initiatives to reduce their model line and the number of dealers so they could operate as normal. Now, they continue to produce high-quality vehicles that are a staple to the automotive industry.

Influence of Other Brands

In 1928, Chrysler merged with Dodge Brothers. Together, they began to produce trucks and other large vehicles. In 1988, Daimler-Benz bought the company outright to create a large automotive company that was eventually called DaimlerChrysler AG. Eventually, the Chrysler portion was sold to Fiat, creating the Fiat Chrysler international car manufacturing group.

The Logo

Chrysler Logo History

The Chrysler logo has undergone significant change since its beginning. When the logo was first developed, it featured the name of the company on a silver plated medal with two wings attached to the back. According to 1000 Logos, the wings were meant to symbolize speed. Each logo that was redesigned was complex and different from the next. However, in 2009, the company decided on one that stuck. Now, the Chrysler logo consists of two interconnected wings with the name of the company in large, chrome letters.


Known as one of the main three American car brands, Chrysler has historically been the least-selling of the three. Despite this, they have consistently had high sales in the United States – given that the U.S. is the main place that Chryslers are sold. They have experienced a consistent growth period since around 2019, after several dips in sales due to the pandemic and the 2008 recession. The chart pictures shows their sales units and growth percentages since 1980.

According to statistics from CarSalesBase, Chrysler has sold over 7 million vehicles in the U.S. since 2000.

Chrysler Sales

Many Different Models

Chrysler has a unique selection of three vehicles available for purchase.


Average Asking Price (starting at)



Used: $25,499

New: $36,245

The Pacifica minivan is perfect for families looking for an upgraded ride. It features three spacious and comfortable rows, new exterior styling, and caramel nappa leather-trimmed interiors.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Used: $27,296

New: $45,400

This delightful plug-in hybrid vehicle can get up to 82MPG and a 32-mile electric range. Compared to other vehicles on the market, the Pacifica Hybrid certainly has some of the best fuel efficiency. 

Used: $16,911

New: $31,875

The Chrysler 300 is a sleek, stylish vehicle for those who enjoy both comfort and speed. It is offered in a 3/6L Pentastar V6 engine or a V8 engine. Each model includes upgraded technology and a new, upgraded exterior and interior.

Other vehicles that were rated highly by Hot Cars were the Chrysler New Yorker, Imperial, Windsor, Concorde, Newport, 300, LeBaron Convertible, Sebring Convertible, Cordoba, LHS, 200, Cirrus, and Aspen. Each model has its own unique features that landed it as one of the top 15 Chrysler models of all time.

Geographic Popularity

All Chrysler vehicles were traditionally made at Chrysler’s Jefferson North Assembly in Detroit, MI, but have since been outsourced to a Chrysler factory in Mexico.

Chrysler vehicles are also sold across the globe, with Europe and the United States being two of their most popular geographic areas.


Sustainability is a huge part of Chrysler’s mission. Since the late 1970s, Chrysler has been developing prototype electric vehicles. Throughout the years they have created the Chrysler ETV-1, the Dodge EPIC, the Chrysler Aspen hybrid, and the Dodge Durango hybrid.

Since their beginning, the Fiat Chrysler Group has:

  • Shipped 4.4 million cars worldwide
  • Emitted 27% less CO2 at plants compared to 2010
  • Generated 64% less waste at plants compared to 2010
  • Saved 2.2 billion cubic meters of water through recycling at plants
  • Implemented 5,600 environmental projects at plants across the globe
  • Had employees volunteer 62,000+ hours across the globe

Their website tells their mission about sustainability:

“Through a unique portfolio of global brands, FCA works to achieve profitable growth while remaining mindful of how our actions affect the world in which we operate. FCA’s responsible journey includes commitments and efforts that incorporate economic, environmental and social aspects into our business decisions. FCA’s reach is extensive and our objective is to positively impact our many stakeholders: from our approximately 192,000 employees, to the thousands of individuals who work for our dealers and suppliers, to the millions of customers who buy our new vehicles, to the natural resources of our Planet. We create value through the improved livelihoods of our customers and employees, vitality among our communities, and financial return to our investors.”


Each Chrysler model is equipped with safety features that help protect drivers at all times. Part of Chrysler’s mission is to keep drivers safe through automatic safety features that are not intrusive or cumbersome to operate. Some examples are:

  • Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning
  • Active Braking
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go
  • ParkSense Front and Rear Park Assist
  • Rear Cross Path Detection

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