Chevrolet Bolt, Swift Acceleration, Lengthy Battery Range, Engaging Handling!

Chevrolet Bolt stands out among other electric vehicles with its peppy acceleration, extensive driving range, and playful handling. The best part is that it provides excellent cargo space and a spacious cabin in its class. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced electric vehicle with an extensive driving range, Chevrolet Bolt should be your top priority. If you have a Chevrolet Bolt, we’ll buy it for cash today and pay top dollar.

Sell your Chevrolet Bolt for Cash

If you’re willing to sell your Chevrolet Bolt at an attractive price, we’d be pleased enough to buy it from you. Over the years, we’ve purchased a number of Chevrolet Bolt units because it’s a leading name in the electric cars segment. So, feel free to fill out our online form or give us a call to get the best quote for your Chevrolet Bolt today!

How Much Will You Pay for My Chevrolet Bolt?

There are several factors that affect how much we’ll pay for your Chevrolet Bolt. Some factors include:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Title type
  • Trim level
  • etc

Feel free to fill out our online form or give us a call to get a quote on your Chevrolet Bolt today!
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Chevrolet Bolt Brief History

Chevrolet Bolt history

Chevrolet Bolt was launched in 2017 in collaboration with LG Corporation. It immediately became the second best-selling plug-in car in the United States. The development process started in 2012 and the production began in 2015. The production version went through multiple tests during 2016. And the vehicle was finally launched in 2017 as a battery-electric subcompact hatchback.

Awards & Recognition

Chevrolet Bolt has won several awards for its extraordinary performance.

  • North American Car of the Year Award
  • Motor Trend’s Car of the Year Award
  • Green Car of the Year Award by Green Car Journal

Chevrolet Bolt Sales Figures

Here’s a year-by-year overview of Chevrolet Bolt units sold within the United States.

Year Chevrolet Bolt Units Sold
2017 23,876
2018 18,019
2019 16,418
2020 20,754
2021 22,073

What’s the Cost of New and Used Chevrolet Bolt in the USA?

A new Chevrolet Bolt may cost around $36,500-$41,700 depending on the trim level you’re choosing. A used Chevrolet Bolt may cost around $20,900-$31,500 depending on the model year, the vehicle’s overall condition, and other factors.

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