Are you looking for a top of the line luxury brand? Do you want to stand out as you drive on the highway rather than just blending in?

If so, you should learn about Alfa Romeo. In its 112 year history, the company has created vehicles that help the everyday person include luxury into their life. Keep reading to find out more about Alfa Romeo.

Influence of Other Companies

Currently, they are owned by the over-heading company Stellantis. Technically, this company is owned by Fiat.

Alfa Romeo Sales

Although the company has only recently been reintegrated into the American automotive market, they have not sacrificed on sales. From the 1970s to the mid-late 1990s, the company averaged between 2,000 and 6,000 cars per year in sales. According to CarSalesBase, the company has sold over 92,000 cars since 2014. Statistics are not available from 2008-2014.

Alfa Romeo Sales

Many Different Models

Alfa Romeo has a unique selection of vehicles available for purchase. Here’s a list of the ones currently available:


Avg Asking Price



Used: $31,990

New: $45,550

The Stelvio is a unique SUV that features a 2.0L Turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, amazing hosepower, and is all-wheel drive. It also can go from 0-60 MPH more quickly than any other vehicle in its class. The Stelvio is also available in a Quadrifoglio model.

Used: $27,990

New: $43,350

The Giulia is another unique vehicle produced by Alfa Romeo. It has a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, can get up to 280 horsepower, and can go to 0-60 MPH in 5.1 seconds. It also has all-wheel drive. The Giulia is also available in a Quadrifoglio model.

Used: Unavailable

New: $40,000

The Tonale will be released in 2023 in the United States.

Geographic Popularity

Alfa Romeo is an Italian company, as all of their vehicles are made and produced in Italy. They export all of the vehicles that they sell from Italy to places all across the globe. While they have experienced a decline in popularity due to unforeseen circumstances throughout their history, they have still remained an iconic brand internationally.

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